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Olerato and Family is a division of Mommy and Baby Approved.

My name is Olerato, I am a Mom of 2, Married to my Varsity sweetheart and father of my Children. My daughter’s name is Kamohelo and my Son’s is Relebohile but we normally go by Oluv, Kbear & Peanut.

I am a working Mom. Currently working as an IT Specialist. I have been in corporate for almost 8 years now, have worked for 3 companies, and held about 5 positions. Pretty crazy, right? I am 29 years old but still quite convinced that I may just be 21. I don’t take myself all that serious but never mistaken that for *a person with no direction*.

As i’m sure you can tell, I enjoy writing, making YouTube videos, travelling around our BEAUTIFUL country, and creating memories with my little ones. So yes, if i’m not too busy during weekday trying to speak sense in a boardroom at work, i’m probably playing hide and seek with my kiddos or on a spontaneous road trip around South Africa.

I truly enjoy the simple things in life and I hope you being here will bring you some sort of joy into your life too.

Please feel free to contact me should you need anything. I am open to collaborations.