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Everything I write or talk about on this blog and Youtube channel, is based on my personal experience and to my best abilities as honest as possible. It is not influenced by anyone or any third party at all.

Please bear in mind that adults, like children, are different which could mean that sometimes what works for me and my kids may not work for you.

Most products I write about and film videos about, I buy with my own money. Any products that I do a review on that I did not purchase with my own money will clearly state so upfront. On that note, please be aware that product pricing may differ from the time the blog post goes live to when you go purchase the product. I try by all means to state the product price as-is at time of publishing blog post and video.

Most imagines used on Mommy and Baby Approved are from, others are from sponsors on sponsored post, then the rest are taken by me. Should you spot your picture on my blog and would love for me to remove it, please notify me on and I will gladly take it down (after investigation).

Should you have any further queries, please direct them to