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I think we have a very weird kinda tradition at our house and it goes something like this…If we don’t get to eat Take-Outs, then we make our own Make-Ins and that should be either on Monday night or Friday night. Personally, I think this is hilarious but you know what, it has been working like magic…or at least I think. The week flies by so fast because we looking forward to the next Make-In meal.
So anyway, this past Monday was a holiday and I made homemade wraps which turned out to be so delicious. We, including a 20 month old toddler, ate so nicely and all finished our meals. Because this was such a hit at home, I thought I should just share it here as well.


  • 4 Wraps (White or Brown) we used white
  • Fresh Crispy Lettice
  • Tomatoes
  • Chicken Breast Fillet
  • Cheese
  • Potatoes
  • Sauce of your choice 


Start of by coating the chicken fillet in flavours of your choice, we used lemon juice and chicken spice. Be sure to add a little bit of salt for taste to your chicken. Once the flavour has set in, fry your chicken and set aside. Slice some potatoes, you can cut them into chips as well, and fry them until they are crispy but not burnt. Set that aside as well. Cut up some tomatoes into cubes and set that aside as well. Wash your lettice and set it aside to drain water.

Then take your cooled down chicken and cut it into slices. Then take a wrap, place it on the flat surface, add your ingredients as mentioned above and when done stuffing your wrap then just roll it over to cover up the ingredients. TIP: put ingredients a little bit on the side, it males it easier when wrapping them. Cut your wrap in half and you are ready to eat.

I hope you will enjoy your wrap and don’t forget to check back again on Monday for some Monday Munchies.