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My Daughter – Kbear

2 years ago on this day, we woke up way too early with hopes and expectations we’ve never had before. We had everything ready, the birth pool, the hospital bag, daddy’s bag, my mom’s bag…pretty much everything was all systems go, except, this lil cutie bear. Both the Gynae and the ultrasound said the 17th of August 2013 will be our lil girl’s birthday. So the morning came, then the afternoon followed and eventually nighttime fell upon us and still nothing happened. As we all prepared to go to bed, our hopes were still very high. The midwife was texting us about every 2 hours which, now when I think about it, didn’t help all that much. It just made us more excited. But she meant well and I completely understand.
Anyway, I struggled to sleep that night, because I kept thinking that something will happen and I needed to be awake to avoid missing it. Boy, was that a LONG night! Eventually my body gave in and somehow I passed out and the next thing I knew it was 8am in the morning and there was still no baby. The disappointment was even more that the hopes we had on the morning of the 17th of August 2013. Suddenly the house was quiet and the 18th of August felt like a whole week but we did not loose all the hope. We were still very hopeful that lil Beanay will make her way out of mommy real soon and with that, we went shopping and found things to keep us all busy while we patiently waited for her – a whole 11 days we waited, but it was worth it. Happy should have been birthday to you lil one.
Journey to 2 years – 11 days to go
Kbear colouring her Frozen book over the weekend
15 Aug 2015