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Painting with my Daughter
I have been thinking about doing this for a little while now but I never really got myself to do it. So here I am, with more than enough time on my hands and I thought….What the heck, I might as well!! 🙂
I want to share a little bit about how my weekend went. Now, I honestly do not plan my weekends, I like to let….let’s say fate (for lack of a better word) take it’s cause. This is simply because I’m usually so busy during the week, juggling work, cooking dinner, breakfast, and a very busy 2 year old. So I always go with the flow, with the aim to have fun and maybe relax a little bit.
This past weekend was rather a bit different from all my other weekends. It started off with Black Friday, which I still don’t understand to this day. People seriously are willing to stand in queues for hours on end just to save a couple of Rands. I’m not that patient so I don’t ever put myself through that. However, this time, I did experience a lil bit of the madness. The route I take to get home after work has a shopping complex and boy was it packed! It took me twice as long to just walk past the store. I was not impressed at all. Anyway, it wasn’t until I woke up Saturday Morning to a freezing cold weather that I realized that my weekend will be completely different from all my other weekends. I couldn’t do laundry, Kbear slept in a bit longer, Dzee(my bf) couldn’t go for his usual morning walk, everyone’s schedule was pretty much messed. So we decided to go to church. Very Exciting as we haven’t been in quite a while. We all got ready and headed straight to church. As usual, we were a couple of minutes late but like they say, better late than never. The first part of the service was awesome and uplifting however we completely missed the 2nd service. Kbear was not having it and it would’ve been unfair for me to keep her inside church with all her screaming and crying while other people are trying to listen so we decided to go back home. We are not giving up though. We will continue to go until she gets used to being in church.
Sunday was a very interesting day for me. We had a very nice painting session with my Kbear and later I finally got my Me-Time where I painted my nails, watched some comedy and just relaxed. Dzee took Kbear out to his brother’s and although I was quite angry with him for coming back home late when he knew very well that it’s a school night, I was also very grateful for the time I had with myself. Now, I am starting my week on a high not, with proper planning, a firm schedule, and a very active imagination. I hope you will have a fantastic week as well.