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This has been thee most stressful and frustrating 2 weeks of my life !!!!!

So where have I been? Well, let’s just say that technical issues really did get in the way of my blogging life :(. I have been going from pillar to post trying to figure out the settings for my blog URL. Somehow I messes it up and I could not go back to the initial URL. So essentially I was kicked out of my blog :(. Then when I thought things will get better, I got terrible flu and was down for 3 days straight. In those sick days, I did some research on what to do to get into my blog and how to fix the mess I made and yep, I found it. And so here I am, with a brand new custom domain name/URL [] and I am absolutely happy. I had some a difficult time setting this up and my provider (where I bought the URL) couldn’t help me much because I refused to buy hosting services from them… #SoreLoosers LOL

Anyway, I have managed to fix it all and all is in order and working. Some pretty exciting things happened while I was away. I got a few more subscribers to my YouTube channel [], My bf is back home living with us (we visit our house every weekend now), and I have a custom domain for my blog. All very exciting stuff, right!. Now that so much has happened and quite a bit has changed, I will be back on schedule for Mondays and Thursdays blog posts. I hope you have been fantastic and thank you so much for the love and support.