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Neutrogena Correct & Perfect CC Cream
This is a review on the New Neutrogena Correct & Perfect CC Cream [Watch full video review here]. This product has not launched just yet in South Africa but will hopefully hit the stores around July 2016. It was sent to me via mail – Courtesy of Beauty Bulletin – in an exchange for an honest review.
Just incase you are not sure, CC in CC Cream stands for Colour Corrector or Complexion Corrector Cream. This product claims to instantly cover spots and breakout marks while also helping to correct them. 

This is what my face looks like without the CC Cream. Note that, this picture was taken on the 14th day of using the CC Cream. My skin seems to be more even, moisturised, and it has an amazing glow.

This is what my face looks like with the CC Cream. With it’s thick consistency, the CC Cream has a very nice dewy finish. Not only did it conceal my dark spots but it also evened out my skin tone. Naturally, I almost always get darker shades when I purchase makeup products but I have this CC Cream in shade medium. Yes, it is a little bit lighter than my tone but to counter that, I went ahead and set the CC Cream with a little bit of face powder. However, if you have a shade that is perfect for your skin tone, it really is not necessary to do so (use powder) since the CC Cream sets very well on it’s own.
So to conclude this review, here are my pro’s and con’s of the Neutrogena Correct & Perfect CC Cream:
  • Pro’s
    • It’s very easy to apply the product
    • No need for a foundation brush
    • It does not have a scent – unscented
    • It has a very nice dewy finish
    • It has very great coverage (dark spots)
    • It is very light weight on the skin
    • Evens out skin complexion BEAUTIFULLY
    • Its consistency is just perfect, very easy to get it out the container without a mess
  • Con’s
    • I honestly do not have anything I do not like about this product.
I would recommend this product to anyone who does not like to use foundation but would still like to conceal the dark spots and even out skin tone. This product gives out best results with very little effort. You will spend very little time applying the CC Cream but you’ll definitely get through hours looking FANTASTIC. 
This was my first ever experience using a CC Cream and I must say, it was an incredible one. If you have used a CC Cream before (any brand), please share how it worked for you and your skin type/tone in the comments below. Until then, stay BEAUTIFUL.
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