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2015 Disney on Ice Program Calendar

I’ve spent months dreaming about going to Disney Land with my little one; hopping on all the rides, eating ice cream, and having a time of our lives. 

“The happiest place on earth,right!”

But then I get back to reality and realise that it might just not be practical yet. My little one is only almost 3 years old. “No” and “behave yourself” doesn’t quite mean much to her and with the level of determination she has, going to Disney Land now might actually turn out to be nightmare. Queues are long, It gets crazy packs, and also, it is quite expensive to travel to Disney Land with little one now when she won’t remember a thing in 2 months.
But, with this being said; I have absolutely no problem taking her to go experience a little bit of Disney magic without having to pay for all the expenses that come with going to Disney Land. For 2 hours out of our chosen day we get to sit and enjoy a little slice of Disney heaven. We get to see the disney characters come to live and for me as a mother, I get to see that beautifully joyful smile on my daughter; and the best part is, when it’s all over, we get to go back home and relax.
This however is not as easy as it sounds, if you are like me and don’t appreciate chaos and don’t do very well in crowded places. If you are planning to take the little ones to watch Disney on Ice to get a chance to experience that little bit of Disney Magic, there’s a few things you need to know. Things I wish somebody told me before I took my then 22months old baby to watch the show last year. Things that made me almost tear up because I was so irritated and annoyed. Things that I am definitely going to make sure I get right this year. I am putting together a *To-remember-to-do-List* of all things I need to make sure I fully enjoy my 2 hours of watching Disney on Ice beacuse let’s be honest

Disney on Ice is as much a show for kids as it is for Parents. We all love Disney Characters!

 These aregoing stright to the top of the that *To-remember-to-do-List*
  • Bring cash – they do not take cards for payment on anything and there’s just 1 or 2 mobile atm’s and hundreds of people.
  • Arrive 30-45 min before the show starts – This will give you enough time to look around and try decide what you are buying for the little ones – and yourself :). Also helps with parking.
  • Pack some snacks for the little ones – this is totally optional but also very very cost saving. There are little stalls selling snacks (popcorns, slushies etc) but they don’t come in cheap. I remember I had to buy small popcorns for R80 last year, chances are prices increased this year.
  •  Do not bring Newborn babies or babies in arms with the expectation that they don’t have to pay – Every single person inside the show is expected to have a ticket on hand including babies being held by parents.
  •  Have pocket tissues handy – It is an ice ring and although it’s not that cold for the parents, little ones get runny noses.
  •  Rather use the mall parking than the dedicated parking – Makes it very easy to get out and go home once show is over.
I was very naive last year. I had hoped there’ll be impeccable order and as it turned out, I was wrong. There was order, just not impeccable but because I had expected more, I was a little disappointed. This however, did not stop me from enjoying the show. It was simply magical! Almost like being in Disney Land – I think.

2016 Disney on Ice poster

Oh and just in case you are wondering; this years’s Disney on Ice theme is *Worlds of Enchantment* and the line up includes performances by characters from Cars, The Little Mermaid (who doesn’t love Ariel 🙂 ), Frozen (Queen Elsa and Princess Anna), Toy Story, Mickey & Minne, and more. The shows will be running in Johannesburg The Dome from the 24th June – 3rd of July 2016 and tickets retails from R100 – R475 – with a chance of group/family discounts – amazing!.
Funny thing is, it feels just like yesterday when we were watching Disney on Ice with my little one and yet we will be watching it again in a little less than 24hours. I can barely wait!
I hope the *To-remember-to-do-list* will help you prepare for the show and atually enjoy it, if you’ll be taking the little ones to watch Disney on Ice and let chat in the comments below about you liked or didn’t like about your experience there.
Above all, remeber to have FUN and take loads of pics :).