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Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about having baby number 2 and what it’d be like for us. Mostly it’s been about how it’d be like for our little girl. She’s so used to being the only child that she literally describes us as “Daddy King, Mommy Queen, and Kamo Princess(being herself)”. Yes, this might not mean much but its got me thinking; Would she be accommodating, would she love the little one? Would she be happy? I mean, she probably will be fine and i’m out here just driving myself crazy! She is only 3 years old now and she’s asked me more than once and on different occasions when is her baby brother coming – I had no answer! This might indicate that she really wants to have a sibling and she’s ready for it. Or does it not?

Then on the other side there’s things like finances that needs to be considered and though I always say, you can never be financially ready for a baby, I still firmly believe that it’s not just something that can be ignored. To be honest, between me and my partner, I think we are good to have 3 more children and still stay alive and live a decent life. But is this reason sufficient enough for us to have another baby? Are we even ready? Especially when there’s the whole Marriage cloud hanging over us.

Boy, oh boy, don’t get me started on this one. Just the thought of it and all the legalities that come with it just makes my head hurt. I am not married (yet) but I live with the father of my child – Okay technically this is marriage but that’s besides the point – and we are happy. We are planning on getting legally married someday but for now I’m not ready. See the thing is since we already have one cute toddler together,and are still not married, If we were to have another baby now, it’ll be like we are disrespecting our families. Like we are not at all planning to get married. This is not at all the case, but this is our reality. To be honest, I could go on for years about this but let’s make it a topic for another post.

The last thing that keeps popping into my thoughts is the age gap between little ones situations. Ideally, we would’ve loved to have at least a 3 year gap between the little ones but as is Kbear is now 3 years old and there’s no sign of baby number 2. This goes to show, things don’t always go according to plan. I suppose what matters is how you adjust to it.

With all this being said, we are still stuck trying to decide on whether we should have baby number 2 now or later. And if later, when is later? I think we might just leave it to fate. Let it be a surprise baby. Good idea, i think? Mmmmh…

Is it always this difficult trying to decide on whether to have another baby? Or are we driving ourselves a little crazy over nothing? We never had this when we decided to have our first. It was rather a very easy decision to make and one that was implemented rather quickly :).

Did you have a difficult time making the decision to have another baby? Please say yes!




  • Heather Step says:

    I wanted a second baby so hard but I can’t have one…
    But I think you have a lot of different factors to consider.. strength and wisdom to you.

    • olerato says:

      Awww, i’m so sorry to hear that you can’t have another lil one. Thank you so much though, I really need all the strength and wisdom I can get to make this decision.

  • Moipone says:

    I have been thinking about that too laterly and my little girl 7 years old.

    • olerato says:

      It’s not as easy a decision to make like it was for the first child, hey? Good luck though dear…xoxo

  • mahlogonolo says:

    our little girl is now 27 months old ,and we have just recently found out we gonna have baby no2.we very excited .like you we wanted our little ones to have a 3 year gap and it looks like we made it just in time.looking foward to it

    • olerato says:

      That is great news. Congrats dear and yes, it all worked out with your 3 year gap plan. Enjoy every moment…xoxo