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Being a first time Mom was probably one of thee most exciting things that i’ve been through. All I wanted to do was shop, shop, and shop some more. This lead to me buying thing that honestly weren’t really all that necessary. But I didn’t know any better. For all I know, I was pregnant and impatiently waiting for little one to finish baking so I can finally hold her in my arms.

At first I was convinced I needed to have everything. From toys to “necessities”. And so I bought almost all of them. It wasn’t until little one was born that I then realized that actually some of the things I bought, were a complete waste of money. At least to us(Me and my partner) anyway. Unfortunately, it was a little too late to return the products. I had removed the tags and some where even washed already.

These are 3 baby items that I mostly regret buying.




  • Baby Carrier – For the longest time I was convinced that I would use the Baby Carrier more than any other thing. I hoped it’d be something that I enjoy doing and something that will come in handy. Well, turns out I was wrong. I believe I used the baby carrier only about a handful of times and each time I was a bit miserable. My shoulders hurt, little one hated it, and I got so so so sweaty each time. So this ended up being put back in the box and it’s currently awaiting baby number 2. Hopefully then we (myself and Baby) will like it.






  • Stroller – Now this right here was a complete waste. We barely used this. It was bought with the intention of using it when we go out for walks and/or take little one to the park or mall. Turns out, it was rather much easier to have her in the car seat and from car seat to the arms and/or blanket depending on where we are. Taking it to the mall was a tricky one also – I couldn’t shop from groceries while pushing the stroller, it’s virtually impossible especially if i’m by myself. If we go shopping with my partner, the stroller still didn’t work because it took up too much space in the car boot. The struggle! We ended up gifting the stroller to a family member.



  • Walking Ring – Apart from the fact that we had a very small house, this item was just really not doing much for little one. It spent most of it’s time just occupying space in the house. She didn’t enjoy being in the walker and I felt like I was restraining her freedom while she was in it – weird mom guilt. As a result this walker was used at most about 4 times and that was it.┬áIt is still in our house occupying space and hopefully we will use it with baby number 2.


Did you ever regret some of the purchases that you made for little one?

Honestly, I don’t think i’m going to get rid of the walker and the carrier. I’m hoping one day i’ll be able to use them with my other kids and actually enjoy them. But I thought I should just share with you. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.




  • Carla Van Der Westhuizen says:

    I hear you! I had Harvey in June and while I was pregnant I couldn’t stop buying things! His “bouncy chair” that vibrates and plays music… used once or twice. Half his clothes have never been worn because he grew too quickly. I bought loads of baby blankets and swaddle clothes. Never used as he hated being swaddled and I pretty much have used the same blanket from the hospital. I bought loads of newborn socks.. never used. I bought 3 different types of dummies… to this day he is still sucking the same one. His noo noo pie wrap he hated. His baby sense sling he hated. I did find an amazing baby carrier, the Ubuntu, which he loves and so do I so we use that a lot. Oh and all the pregnancy and baby advice books.. they did not get read.

    • olerato says:

      OMW, Is it weird that i’m totally laughing right now reading your comment? Gosh, I can TOTALLY relate. The clothes,the swaddling blankets, the socks…boy oh boy! I wish somebody warned me before we went to spend all the money but definitely on baby number 2, i’m gonna have to cut back on the spending. Thank you so much for reading and your comment, i’m also glad that i’m not the only one who bought baby tings that were barely used……xoxo