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In 2016, I wanted to do it all. Actually, I had to do it all. Or at least I thought I did…

I spent most of my time cleaning, doing dishes, and basically making sure our house is presentable all day everyday. I also spent most days and nights exploding with guilt. To be specific, Mom guilt!

Guilt because I felt like I was missing out on my daughter’s life. She was right there with me and yet I felt like I wasn’t giving her enough time.

We moved from spending time in her playroom playing and dressing and being goofy to now struggling to squeeze in a bedtime story and playing in the kitchen while I cook. I was overwhelmed, tired, exhausted and honestly drowning a little bit. But I had no idea how to save myself.

I thought I needed to do all those things!

What I didn’t realize was that my priorities were a bit out of it. I spent too much time obsessing over a messy house; worrying about laundry, trying to figure out what to cook, but spent barely enough time playing with my daughter. Yes, we talked, giggled, read books, did crafts and actually had a good time but I was often not present. I was not in the moment! I was too busy worrying about what i’m supposed to do next!

This stole from me! It stole away the time I wanted so badly to spend with my Daughter. It robbed me off the memories that I could have created with my little one and I just stood by and watched it happen.

Well, 2017 is definitely going to be different. 

This year, I am playing with my little girl. I am going to be in the moment, and I am going to be present.




I want to do the little things with my little person. I want to listen. I want to understand, and I want to be patient. Let’s paint, draw, get creative, laugh, cry, talk, read books. Lets’s PLAY!

The dishes can wait and so can everything else.

To the parents out there; house work/chores can wait but our little ones are growing up. Don’t let house keeping get in the way of you, your precious children, and all the adventure that awaits you.

This year is about us little one. 

We are about to make it magical. Mommy is here and Mommy is presently in the moment. My weekly/daily planner will not be very happy with me but that’s okay because my little girl will be happy and that is what matters.