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I’m writing this post at work while I try my level best to actually focus and get some work done…but,it’s hard! So I figured instead of wasting away that bit of time, I might as well sit here and catch up with you :).

A lot has been happening lately, which should probably explain why i’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve definitely missed blogging though and I am beyond the moon excited to be back. But before that, let’s chat and catch up on what’s been going on.

Life/Parenting: My Lil one is currently fighting a cold which is not a very fun thing to watch as a Parent. Poor thing is whizzing, coughing, and blowing her nose way more than i’d like but she’s taking meds and hopefully soon enough this will all be over. I must add that she got the flu from her wonderful Father (my BF) and I am now very terrified that i’ll be next on the *sick list*. Apart from that, life has been rather good. No surprises, nothing falling apart – hope I don’t jinx it.

Work: Things are rather crazy at work at the moment. We are moving office soon which means I have to now pack my 1 million things into a box, ship them away, and hope nothing gets lost in the process – can you tell i’m resisting change *sigh*. Personally i’m not entirely happy with the move purely because it’ll cost me more money and let’s be honest, who wants to spend more money on transport, certainly not me! But, the company is moving, so I am moving. On the brighter side, I have spent the past 2 weeks studying my behind off to get ready for a Lean Six Sigma Green belt exam. At first I thought getting through the training and exam would be a walk in the park but then somewhere along the way my fear of failure kicked in and I was terrified. But all that has passed and i’m very happy to say that I officially have my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification – level 3, which is extremely exciting. I am currently working on a project that should help me get my advanced certificate. Things are looking up for my career in Process Engineering and i’m very excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

Listening to: Without a doubt i’m loving and listening to the soundtrack of Trolls (the movie) especially the *Get back up again* song. Is that even the title of the song? I also occasionally listen to Enimen – Mockingbird & Airplanes. These 2 songs are so unlike me because i’m a Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and sometimes Beyonce kinda girl but i’ve really been loving them lately…as i’m writing this, i’m listening to Mockingbird.

Watching: It’s a toss between some series and movies. On the series side, I’ve been glued to Vikings like crazy. I swear my nights have grown shorter (because I sleep so late) and days even longer (yawning every 30 min…LOL). Occasionally when I take a break from Vikings, I watch Grey’s Anatomy. When it comes to movies, definitely, Trolls, Kubo and the two strings, Cinderella, Barbie Starlight adventure, are ruling our world. After watching them for about a thousand times each, I’m confident enough to say, I know these movies line by line – no complaints :).

Planning: My planner is looking empty this week which from experience tells me that i’m forgetting something. Yesterday I had way too many things that I knew for sure I have to get done this week but silly me, I didn’t write them down. Now I can’t seem to remember so i’m hoping I don’t miss anything important.

Feeling: Anxious! Ever get that feeling where you just constantly feeling like you have soooo many things to do but can’t seen to remember. That’s how I feel.

Thinking about: There’s not a lot happening up in my head but i’m currently thinking about the holiday that we’ll be going on soon – exciting times. Also thinking about my lunch pack that’s currently sitting on top of my kitchen counter while i’m here starving – I forgot my lunch, no idea how because it was literally next to my bag :(.

This is pretty much what’s been/currently going on. Some exciting times, and some not so exciting. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and that i’ll be seeing you soon.

How’s your Monday going?




  • Carla Van Der Westhuizen says:

    Oh my gosh I forgot my lunch too 🙁 thank goodness for my stash of breakfast biscuits in my desk drawer! Sorry about the move… I hate change too. Yay for Vikings and Greys 🙂 We ran out of series to watch and my hubby bought me the Sex and the City boxset for Xmas so that’s what we are watching now… Surprisingly he seems to be enjoying it! All the best for the week… I hope you don’t catch the cold!

    • olerato says:

      Wish Monday was just rough. I really need to try watch Sex and the City. I’ve heard only good things about it and how people actually enjoy it. I’m crossing fingers and really hope I don’t get the flu/cold. Enjoy watching Sex and the City…xoxo

  • My Monday – I feel exhausted yet it’s like I didn’t do much. Had a great day though.
    Series I recently watched was “Forever”. It’s about a guy that lives for centuries, cannot die, then he helps the cops solve murder mysteries in this current life 🙂 Good luck with Baba, it sucks when a child is sick.

    • olerato says:

      I’m so glad you had a great Monday :). That series sounds very interesting, I will definitely be adding it to my to-watch list :).Thanks for wishing me luck with Baba, she’s still coughing but hopefully all will be good by Friday/weekend….xoxo