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Today marks the beginning of May and a wonderful month to celebrate Mother’s all around the world. It also marks the beginning of the end of Autumn :(. Though I personally believe that Mothers should be celebrated and appreciated every single day, I still am very glad that we get to have a month/day dedicated specially to mothers.

As a mom with no village around to help me, I’ve come to understand fully what people mean when they say being a Mom is not easy; and I agree, it’s not at all easy but I wouldn’t change it for anything! Having no village has made me stronger, more independent, and in a way, gave me just the push I needed.

In my adult years, I’ve come across incredible Mothers from whom I draw the strength and courage to keep going. Moms who inspire me to want to do more and be a better version of myself. I’ve watched them go an extra mile to pursue their dreams without hesitation and I’ve rejoiced with them and celebrated every bit of their success.

This month I will be introducing a fun segment called *The 21st Century Mom*.  In this segment I will be getting up close and personal with one Mom each week and discuss how they balance running a business, working a 9 to 5, and parenting. A new and exciting post will be going live every Monday morning at 9am for the month of May and with it some information about their businesses that might be of interest to you.

So set your reminders, get ready and make sure you don’t miss out.