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Almost a year ago this month I re-launched my blog. It was everything I needed and more. Clean presentation, easy to navigate – at least in my opinion – and just a little piece of me on the web. I loved it. Honestly, I am still in love with it to this day. Which made the decision change the look and feel of my blog all the more difficult to make.┬áBut it had to done.

For a moment now i’ve been thinking about changing the design of my blog. There was a number of things that didn’t quite give me what I needed but truly, I was too attached to that look and feel that I couldn’t even bare the thought of changing everything all over again. PS: I don’t do very well with change.

Then I woke up this morning with this enormous sense of peace in my heart. like it felt right to want to change everything once again. I wasn’t worried about what could go wrong. Or all those what if’s that always seems to linger around every decision point. I was just ready! Then it hit me…

It's a new month, and with it comes new possibilities.

So I didn’t waste much time – purely because I was worried the feeling would go away and i’d be right back to not wanting to let go – I went ahead and started working on the new look and feel. Luckily I had a rough idea of what it is I wanted and that made it quite easy for me to just hit the ground running once I got started.

I didn’t want anything drastic or over the top. Seriously, when I say I am a simple girl, I really mean it. So I spent half of my day today locked in a boardroom, hiding from my new boss, and working on my blog. Took me much longer than expected but i’ll be the first one to admit it, it was all WORTH it.

I am happy to say that I have found a new look and feel that I truly like and I am truly happy with how it turned out.

Change is not always an easy thing but it’s a part of life. Today I chose to embrace change and make something magical out of my fears. A choice that didn’t come easy but one that I am very proud of.

Here’s to the new blog design and to EMBRACING change.

How do you like the new look?