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I can’t believe i’m actually writing this post now! Way past July and almost at the end of August…But, as they say, better LATE than NEVER, so here goes nothing.

July was quite an eventful month. A lot happened and to be honest, I still have no idea how I managed to get through it all.

At the very beginning of the month I started my new job as an IT Specialist. Besides my IT knowledge and qualification, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into but I had been very excited to start something new and different, for the longest time. I really needed a change in career {from Process Engineering} and this job offer came at a perfect time. I was ready and eagerly waiting! More on this coming real soon.

Then we got to see Disney on Ice – one of my favourite shows EVER. This year was quite interesting because there was a number of Disney movies released last year (2016) and I was a bit anxious to see how the show production team would bring them to live. Let’s just say it was MAGICAL. Kbear was completely mesmerized by Ariel especially because the Ariel doll that she was holding was a mermaid, and the Ariel she saw was skating on ice. I tried explaining but it didn’t go down very well – will try again next year!

If you know me at all, then you know I am that girl who will be happy to leave her Boyfriend for Optimus Prime….in a heart beat! The LOVE is REAL. We went to the Transformers Exhibition and spent sometime with the ever so AWESOME Autobots and the not so good Decepticons. More on this day coming soon, including details on ticket pricing and exhibition times. For now, let me just say, it was just EVERYTHING and MORE.

The highlight was my 27th birthday! I never thought i’d be feeling so happy and content about turning 27. I’ve always been quite scared, paranoid, and just down right terrified to turn a year older – mostly because I was psyching myself out – but also because I just wasn’t ready. I weren’t sure whether I was coming or going on my past birthdays and this year I decided to take control and do some *stock take* – which I would recommend for anyone who feels like they aren’t quite moving forward. I have come a long way, 27 is no child’s play, and I have learnt and achieved a lot. Read more about it on this post.

We took Kbear to the Zoo. Something that she had been asking for, for actually sometime. We stalled as much as we could because the last time we took her to the zoo, there was meltdowns and a lot of freaking out. She was a little scared of the animals and a bit overwhelmed by all those many people at the zoo. So we just wanted her to grow just a bit more before we went again. BEST DECISION EVER. This time around, we all enjoyed being at the zoo. Kbear knew almost all the animals there and she loved telling us stories about each. She even got to go on some rides which kind of terrified me a little.

To end of the month, we decided on a VERY last minute road trip to Port Edward. We’ve discovered this new found adventure that comes with road tripping and we sure have been making the most of it. We made a quick stop at Howick falls on the way to Port Edward and boy, was it BEAUTIFUL! New post on this coming your way soon so keep your eyes peeled.

This was by far the busiest month we’ve had this year but we absolutely loved it. The adventure coupled with the exhaustion were all worth it.

What did you get up to during the month of July?




  • Loved hearing your escapades. My daughter and I watched some of your videos. Loved the one where you and Kbear question each other on your favourite things, like colour and movies. So cute.