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Sunday officially marked 4 months since I started my new job and to be quite honest, i’m very surprised I made it this far. It has been ROUGH!

I have forgotten what writing a blog post feels like. How editing a video till midnight felt like, heck, I even forgot how to vlog, edit, and upload a video in one day. It has been that ROUGH.

Granted, I really truly love my new job. It is everything I needed and more when I set out to change my career. I was not stimulated and just bored in my old job. Now I am constantly challenged and exited to learn on a daily. The pressure that comes with making sure that I don’t mess up has been really real and even though this might sound crazy – especially because i’ve only been at it for 4 months – I know for sure that this is what I love to do.

In the past four months, I have smiled, laughed, cried, cried some more, then cried a little more for good measure, and then carried on learning. I have had arguments with my Line Manager then a little more with my team. Found my feet then lost them right back again. It has been scary at times and sometimes easy.

It was fun, then terrifying, then okay, and later exciting.

Too many decisions resting on my shoulders. Things I’ve never had to do before and people depending on me.

I’ve had to shove my heels to the very back of my cupboard because they just slow me down. I have to be on the move! And I must move fast. Time is running out and running out fast. There’s no time to balance on heels.

With all this happening, I’ve sort of went MIA on this blog because, honestly, it hasn’t been easy to just sit down and write. My brain has been cluttered with work and I just could not settle down. I miss writing and I hope I will be back at it soon. But for now, I need to get through the December madness. You’d think work would slow down in preparation for the Christmas holidays! Apparently NOT!

How are you Besties doing?

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Till next time.

Keep smiling.