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It’s been 8 long months of growing a precious human being. Something that to this day still blows my mind. Humans actually come out of humans and it’s beautiful.

It hasn’t been all peaches and cream though but I still count myself as blessed to have made it this far. No, I do not have any complications with this pregnancy but if you’ve been pregnant before or are currently pregnant, then you know how brutal pregnancy can be on one’s body. I seem to have got them all and a little bit more. Still I am grateful that at the end of it all, there’ll be hopefully a bouncy yet peaceful baby boy who loves nothing more than to sleep and just smile, don’t we all.

Jokes aside though. I have been so blessed to carry this little boy who’s growing inside of me with little to no complications. Though I must say, I am really tired at this point. My whole body aches even in places I never knew I had. I barely sleep through the night with all the peeing that must happen, and my braxton hicks contractions are a little too intense at time. Yet through it all, I feel amazing.

The reassuring kicks on my belly takes away all the troubles. The excitement on my daughter’s face when she talks about her baby brother makes my mamma heart melt, and the tiny little baby clothes waiting to be washed are a constant reminder that soon enough he will be here with us. And for this I am beyond grateful.

There’s been moments where I got impatient with the cycle of pregnancy. Just the thought of waiting for technically 10 full months before I can hold him in my arms filled me with frustration, the constant worry in the back of my mind that something might be wrong fills me with anxiety, and the constant need to go shopping but have to stop myself because it’s not time yet has really pushed me beyond my tolerance limit. It hasn’t been the easiest from that perspective and still I soldiered on.

I say all this not to say I’m miserable but rather to say that I am a ball of emotions. Some days are better than others and some weeks I just want to spend cleaning and organizing things. I secretly wish there was a way to fast forward time so that I can meet you and kiss you already but as the saying goes we don’t always get what we want.

So for now, I will patiently wait for you little one. You have mommy’s filled with love already and you are not even born yet. I can only imagine what it’ll be like once you are here.
PS: Your big sister can barely wait to meet you too.