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Learning to drink from a cup can be such a fun adventure for the little ones…just not so much for parents! The spilled milk all over your beautifully clean floors will bring you close to tears. No, like literally. I have been there myself.

When my oldest daughter was still just a baby, we didn’t have any magic cups around to help teach her how to drink from a cup without making a big mess while at it. As a result, I would have to clean up all the spills each time she attempted to drink from a cup. But with my second baby, my Son, it has been a whole lot different. From the minute he started reaching for my glass to try and drink from it, I offered him the NUK Magic cup. It looks like a big boy cup, he drinks from it like he would from a regular cup, from any angle or side (360 drinking rim) but the big difference is that it has a silicone spill proof cover on the top. Life changing!

The NUK Magic cup is designed to make it easy for little hands to hold and watching my son drink from it has been such a pleasure. But I’d be lying if I said he has not tipped it over or purposefully turned it upside down to see what will happen…Let’s just say, there was no mess to be cleaned up.

The cool designs outside the cup were an added bonus and definitely got my son all too excited to drink from the NUK Magic cup. For me the bonus was the protective lid that comes with the cup. It took away the worry of having baby’s cup uncovered in public and makes it easy to keep the bottle closed while out and about on endless adventures exploring the park.

Not a day goes by without using the NUK Magic cup and I’m already looking forward to getting one for my littlest daughter.