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I can barely believe that it’s been almost 5 years already. You see, when I met my bf, I thought he was just thee most sweetest guys ever with a touch or weirdness. But to be honest, I didn’t think he was interested at all in me. We lived world’s apart [a lil exaggeration…LOL] from each other and the only time we got to see each other was during class at Varsity.

Post Dinner Romance

I’m sure every student, who also has a job, can relate when I say it is really hard to find time for anything else either than working and studying. Anyway, despite all the odds, we did manage to start a lil something something and from that moment onwards we never looked back. Of course, time flew and before we knew it, we were already celebrating our 1 year dating anniversary. OMW…Thee most incredible night in that entire year. I thought we booked a table at a fancy restaurant, or at least that’s what he said to me…LOL.., when in fact we had a whole restaurant balcony to ourselves [you can just imagine the surprised look on my face :-0]. Beautiful view,amazing lights, the moon was shinning, and the stars were just perfect. To add a lil cherry on top we both turned up wearing black and white…coincidence or fate! I don’t know what I do know is that, I was filled with so much joy and excitement that I barely touched my meal. I ate dessert though…LOL.
So the night continued and loads of amazing things happened from that night onwards. We are still together and now blessed with a lil soul we call our Daughter.
This dinner date was a total hit for me and if you are reading this and will be celebrating your 1 year dating/wedding anniversary real soon, try a romantic date night at a very special place. I know it sounds very cliche and redundant but if you plan everything right and the mood is perfect then you have absolutely nothing to worry about and so much to look forward to.
Happy Anniversary in advance and I hope you will have a fantastic one.



  • A touch of weirdness is what I always look for! So glad I found my weirdo. Hahaha! You guys are adorable I felt the love in this post <3
    Happy Anniversary!

    • olerato says:

      Awww thank you so much. It's really nice to get that touch of weirdness that only you get and love,right….xoxo