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It has been a very long time since we took a legit vacation. 19 Months to be exact…LOL. Since Kbear was born, the only *Vacations* we’ve been taking is going to see my mom..How sad…So we decided it was about time we started travelling again and of course we picked Cape Town. We have been wanting to go to visit Cape Town for the longest time and deciding to finally wasn’t a difficult decision at all. However because now we travelling with a lil person, it was a little bit daunting. But with all this, we soldiered on and booked our flights and accommodation. All this happened a month in advance so you can just imagine how long the following month was as we waited for our trip dates to come.

Heading to the airport
Fast forward a month later. It is now the 24th of May and we are supposed to be packing for our trip. Silly me decides to let myself get distracted which delayed the packing mission by several hours… 🙁 but i did get to it eventually. That night i slept like a lil baby, which was totally unexpected, because I was sooo tired from all the last minute packing. Anyway, before I knew it it was time to wake up and get ready. It was hard to get out of bed, as usual, but i did. Got myself and Kbear ready and Dzee got ready as well and 2 hours later we headed to the airport. It took us about an hour to get to the airport. We first drove to the Gautrain station because we didn’t want to drive and park at the airport. So we parked at the train station and hopped into the Gautrain to get to the airport. Kbear was beyond excited. She was more amazed by the fact that all she saw when she looked out side was her reflection on the window while the train was moving. the joys of underground subway.
Gautrain ride

The ride was very quick and we got to the airport just in time. We checked in all of our luggage and headed straight to the slow lounge. Who doesn’t like the slow lounge,right? We had yummy breakfast and got to actually kill some time while we waited for our flight. Kbear ran around the airport, which was kinda uncomfortable for me because at some point it started to look like we have no control over our child. And if you know me, you’ll know that I like being in control. So anyway, having realized that we not gonna win the battle with over excited Kbear, we moved to a spot where she could run around freely and she loved it. Our flight got delayed….*sigh* by 30 min which got me a ted bit exhausted because I had to run around Kbear for 30min more…LOL. Eventually it did come through and we boarded nicely. 2 long and exhausting hours later we landed in Cape Town. The weather was not good, my most concern of all. As always, i forgot to pack warm clothes for myself and forgot Kbear’s warm jacket at home.
At the Airport
Lucky enough, we picked up our rented car quickly and was able to drive up to the guesthouse we staying in to check in. the drive to the guest house was rather refreshing, Super scenic route,driving next to the beach and looking at the mountains, exactly what we needed after a kinda long flight. After check-in, we went out to get food and went back home to eat, and snuggle up in bed while watching Frozen on dstv. This has just been amazing and i’m so excited for tomorrow. Crossing fingers and toes and hoping the weather will be good. Anyway,that’s it for today. We are safe and sound in Cape Town. Check back again tomorrow to see what we got up to…
Kbear goofing up before bedtime