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OMW, today has been kinda crazy with the rainy weather. But the weird thing is that I liked it. It was somehow refreshing and sort of exactly what I needed. However before I start sharing how our day went, I need to first start off by saying that I had thee longest night of my life last night. I woke up 2 to 3 times because i ran out of sleep. Which is quite weird because I love my sleep.
Family Photo at the Beach
The silence around here, was just too perfect that i struggled to sleep. And then when I thought that i was past the long night, the the morning drag started. It took forever for the sky to brighten up for the morning. Literally. With the cloudy and rainy weather, it took what felt like a billion years for night to just go away.So anyway when the morning light brightened up, Dzee went out for a walk and I stayed up with Kbear snuggled up in bed until around 10am. As much as I loved being indoors, we eventually had to go out to go get food. Just as we were about to leave, it started drizzling and i’m sure you can relate when I say, once a girl is dressed and ready, there’s no stopping her. Even rain couldn’t stop me so we went to get food anyway. We stopped at the beach to take a couple of pictures. This was by far the most craziest thing i’ve done. I don’t usually let rain water on my hair for obvious reasons, the struggle is real, but today, I just let
University of Stellenbosch 
go and had fun. Kbear also enjoyed it so much, she screamed her lungs out just to get back to the car. Once we were done taking pics and our tummies were full. We took a mini road trip, a 55min drive to Stellenbosch. Initially the plan was to go wine tasting but with Kbear falling asleep and being in the car with us, we couldn’t risk getting even a ted bit tipsy. So we came up with another plan. We went to take a tour at the University of Stellenbosch. I didn’t realise how long it’s been since I was in a proper university campus. It got me thinking that maybe i should start studying. But,that’s another story for another. For now, i’m gonna call it a night and head to bed. Check back again tomorrow for an update…..Good night lovies