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Garnier Oil Control Complete

Having a busy life and actually finding products that can withstand the busyness can be a bit challenging at times. I spent most of my weekdays going up and down to different boardrooms at work, attending
meetings, and at times talking to very important clients. Unfortunately
with all this, comes an oily face :(. 
For some women, myself included, an oily face can be a dent to the self-esteem and personally, it makes me a little uncomfortable. So I decided to try out the Garnier Oil Control Complete products. This includes the Deep Clean face Wash as well as the Deep Cleansing Lotion.
Essentially I was looking for something that would make my face a little less oily without drying me up; A product that would keep my face clean while at the same time reducing as much oil as possible; and most of all a product that is easy to use and accessible at any time for purchase. These 2 products have given me exactly that.
Garnier Oil Control Complete Face Wash
The face wash is enriched with Zinc and purifying agents. It is meant to help reduce excess oil, take action on the stubborn imperfections, and also to purify, clean, and freshen up ones skin. I have been using this face wash for 2 weeks straight twice a day (Morning and Evening) and i’ve got exactly what it promised. This gives me such a refreshing feeling on my skin. The air flows much easier through my skin and it almost feels/smells minty. It is very very easy to use as well. It comes in liquid form, which turns to foam, that you can just squeeze into your hand and wash your face.
Garnier Oil Control Complete Lotion
Enriched with Eucalyptus and Zinc, this lotion has brought wonders to my skin care routine. It is said to reduce excess oil, unclog & tighten pores, and most importantly it instantly cleanses skin. It truly is amazing how much dirt comes out of ones face when you think you have washed it. This leaves my skin feeling clean, smoother, and definitely moisturized.

What I do NOT like
These are 2 very amazing products delivering amazing results. However, they both have this sharp/intense scent. My smelling senses tell me it’s a combination of mint and cucumber but someone else might think otherwise. There are times were the smell gets a little bit too intense that I need to hold my breath for a little but then it goes away and i’m ready to continue. Another con about these products which might be linked to the scent/smell is that each time I use/apply these products to my face, my eyes burn. It is a very uncomfortable feeling but again it does not last long.
PS: Because these 2 products work so hard to reduce as much oil as possible
from ones face, you are prone to sun burn/tan so it is advisable to put
on a moisturizer and/or day cream that has SPF.
Affordability and accessibility
You can find these products in most of the Pharmaceutical and Grocery stores around South Africa; Dischem, Clicks, Pick n’ Pay, just to mention a few. They are very affordable and won’t leave holes in your wallets. I bought the lotion 125ml for R20 and the face wash 50ml for R20 also from Dischem. 
Final words
I do not regret buying these products. They have given me exactly what I needed and I continue to use them on a daily basis. They are very easy to use, so no added time to my morning routine, very quick, and they are easily accessible.
Go ahead give them a try and let me know in the comments section below how you like them. Also i the meantime, check out this video on my YouTube Channel where I talked a little bit about these products. Until next time, keep well.

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