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The bride and my Mom
On the 1st weekend of March I had the privilege of celebrating my Cousin’s big day with her. You may not know this but I am a complete sucker for weddings and even though I don’t get to attend all that many, I sure make the most of it when I do attend one. It was such a beautiful day surrounded by family and extended family exchanging good laughs. 
My cousin looked absolutely STUNNING and we were all just so happy for her, and we continue to be happy for her. The food was GREAT, the deco was on point, and the whole Ceremony as well as reception were perfectly beautiful.


Kbear had a ton of fun and boy was it exhausting running around after her. I swear I probably looked like a crazy mom chasing her child for no reason when in-fact I was trying to keep her from getting lost in the crowd…LOL. 
Driving to my Parents’ is a bit of a drive [ 3 hours] and seeing them at the wedding was a complete added cherry on Top. Kbear also got to spend a few minutes with her Grandparents and be spoilt which was both fantastic and heart warming.
Bride’s Dad(My Uncle), Mom, and Dad
At the end of the day, we all went to go see my Great Gran Ma and again had some really good laughs. It’s very safe to say that I got back home pretty late. My Parents spent the night at our place and so with all the talking and catching up, we ended up going to bed just before Midnight. We were all exhausted but just so happy. It was a really beautiful and wonderful day Indeed. Congrats Cuz and may you have the BEST and Blessed marriage. I wish you nothing but Joy and happiness.