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Tonight my daughter went to bed without eating dinner and I was not bothered. In fact, I was happy – thanks to Pediasure.

A normal meal time routine for Kbear goes a little something like – ” Please take a bite!”; “I’ll give you yummies”; “Daddy will sent you to time out”; and later followed by “Oh well, you’ll eat when you ready”- which by the way never happens.All this begging and threatening really has not helped much. Bottom line is we more often than I would like find ourselves with a toddler turning up her nose and pulling faces to just about 80% of the food that we put in front of her.

Could it be my cooking? You probably wondering!

Well, the answer is NO! Or at least I think. My Partner always eats my cooking and goes for seconds and I eat it too. It seems we just have a cute little Picky Eater. Somedays she will wipe her plate clean and some days, as I already mentioned, the struggle gets real. I feel so bad when my daughter doesn’t eat well. I feel even more guilty when she has to go to bed on what I assume is an empty stomach.

Reality is, the choice really is hers. She is a little person with emotions,feeling, loads of opinions and so rather than shoving a spoon forcefully down her throat, I let her tell me when she’s hungry. This way, we don’t end up with a bin full of food and a grumpy little toddler.

As usual, Kbear refused to eat dinner today. She had one bite and said she doesn’t want more. This is not because she was full. Honestly I don’t even know why she didn’t want anymore. She did not give the usual reasons – “Tummy full; Too yucky; I’m tired; Be Patient”. She simply was not interested.

But tonight felt different. My heart was not exploding with guilt as I got her ready for bed. Not once did I think “my little one is going to bed hungry while i’m so full.” I knew she was just fine. She had a glass of Pediasure.

You see one glass of Pediasure is packed with enough nutrients to keep little ones going. This product was made with Picky Eaters in mind and I love it!


The other day, I attended an event specially about this awesome product and I walked out the venue door kicking myself. I kept asking myself, Why?

Why is it that I never thought to buy Pediasure when my frustration was at it’s peak due to my daughter’s picky eating skills (yes, I call it skills cause it shocked me each time). How did I not think of the one thing that once helped me out so much? The answers just never came on. So when I got home I right away prepared a glass of Pediasure Kbear and she loved it. Almost just as much as she loved it back when we started giving it her when she was around 13months old.

Honestly, I really could go on for days but I am going to make this easy and mention some of the few things I really like about Pediasure.

  • It is gluten free
  • Can be taken with water or hidden as part of food(porridge) or smoothie
  • It has enough nutrition to keep little one going even when she skipped meals (see attached pic  above)
  • It’s very easy to prepare, doesn’t take too much time
  • It smells and tastes amazing (yes, I have had a glass 🙂 )

Just a few things you must be on the lookout for.

  • Little one must be 3 years old and above to take Pediasure (You can start giving them Pediasure earlier only on Doctor’s/ Paediatrician’s orders)
  • It is very important to not stop offering regular meals to your little ones while they take Pediasure. Remember this is a supplement so little one still needs to eat regular food.

Pediasure does not claim to be a miracle worker but it is there to give Mother’s a bit of a worry free break while little ones try out new foods, go through a picky eating phase, and/or when little ones need a bit of a boost during the day.

Personally I use Pediasure as a supplement in between meals for my little one. She takes a glass a little after breakfast and after lunch as well. I still continue to offer her regular meals and hopefully with time her picky eating will go away.

To find out more on this product, please check out their Facebook page here . Otherwise visit Abbott’s website to learn more on the benefits of using pediasure and the company that produces it.

Here’s to happy little ones. Nutrition’s never been easier. #GrowingInConfidence