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A couple of weeks ago I received the Johnson’s Vita Rich products in the mail and I was beyond the moon excited to try them out. I literally was doing the happy dance with hands in the air and everything. Right away, the curious little girl in me wanted to go on ahead and start testing out these products. And yes; I did. For a full week I used these products but before I tell you how I feel about them, let me first tell you what they are.

Inside the cute package I received the below products:

  • Brightening body wash and lotion with pomegranate flower extract
  • Replenishing body wash and lotion with raspberry extract
  • Revitalizing body wash and lotion with grape seed oil
  • Replenishing soap
  • Revitalizing soap (not pictured)

My first impressions with these were as follows:

  • The body washes and lotions have very beautiful packaging. Very little clutter, just plain white with the exact amount of information one needs
  • The containers look very easy to hold. No risk of sliding off hand
  • They all smell really good
  • The 24 hours moisture promise on the body lotion is very intriguing and exciting

Generally I have very dry skin and it gets especially worse during winter. So typically when I buy a body lotion I look for something that will not only hold up on keeping me moisturized but also  make my skin glow. It goes without saying that when I saw the 24 hour moisture promise on the Johnsons Vita Rich body lotions, I got super excited to put them to the test.

After a couple of days using these products, here’s my feedback.

Starting off with the Pros:

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Bar Soaps

  • They have an amazing velvety feel. They moisturized my skin and let it feeling nice and soft. Very nice concentrated scent that leaves not only me smelling good but also my bathroom.

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body Washes

  • Foams really really well. This was total plus for me.
  • A little goes a really long way and that is fantastic.
  • The container grips really well and there’s a very little chance that it’ll fall on your hands – even with wet hands.
  • It’s so very easy to open it.
  • The pink cap makes it easier to differentiate the body wash from the body lotion.

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body Lotions

  • Smells really great.
  • It is fast absorbent which I really like. That sticky feeling after you put on a lotion has never been my favourite and so this lotions get an A+ for being super absorbent.
  • The packaging is so easy to grip and open. No struggles there.
  • The ultimate winner is that the 24 hour moisture part is in fact true. I tested out the product from the early morning after a bath and didn’t re-apply until the very next morning when I got ready for work. My skin was feeling hydrated. No dry patches, no itchy feeling, just my soft and moisturized skin.

And now for the Cons:

I would be a total liar if I said there are any cons for these products. Remember this is based on my experience from using them for the past couple of days. I have personally not found anything I do not like thus far. I have seen results that made me happy and continue to do so to date.

My Opinions

I truly am in love with the Johnson’s Vita-Rich products. It has been a continuing struggle for to find products that will not only keep my body moisturized but bring out the glow and keep me looking healthy. But now the only struggle I have is deciding whether to use a body wash or a bar soap from the Johnson’s Vita-Rich range.

I will definitely be purchasing these products again as soon as they hit the stores and most importantly I will be recommending them to all my friends. I would also recommend them to anyone with dry skin and/or just any person who wants that nice refreshing smell each time you take a bath and/or apply body lotion.

If I were to rate these products, without a doubt, I’d give them a 9/10. These products retail as follows:

Body wash 250ml – R29.95

Bar Soap 175g –

Body Lotion 440ml – R41.95

Go ahead, check them out. You might just love them just as much as I do.





  • Becca otabil says:

    I visited UAE last month n bought vita-rich brightening soap I tried it…… It’s soo amazing, . I’m back to my country Ghana. I’ve been moving from one cosmetic shop to the other in order to get more of the product but no avail. Can u plz help where I can get more of ur products to buy? Tnk u

    • olerato says:

      Hi Becca, Thank you for getting in contact. I also genuinely love the Vita-Rich range. I know they are sold in some parts of Africa but not sure exactly where. I have sent an inquiry email to Johnson’s to find out and I’ll let you know as soon as they let me know. Sorry you have to wait dear. xoxo

    • olerato says:

      Hi Becca. So sorry for such a delayed response. I didn’t realisz I never did get back to you after following up with Johnson’s. Unfortunately, Vita-Rich is not sold in Ghana at the moment. These are the countries that it’s currently sold at around Africa


      Have a lovely day and I wish they’ll bring Vita-Rich to Ghana soon.

  • Nava says:

    Well have bought the lotion with rose water…lets see how it goes