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For 3 full years i’ve been using the Authoritative style of parenting.

This wasn’t by choice! It just kind of naturally happened. To be honest I didn’t even know there were formal names or parenting styles until about a year ago.

The Authoritative style of parenting is mostly characterized by reasonable demands and high responsiveness. Some of the characteristics include

  • Giving children the opportunity to express themselves/opinions
  • Listening to children/kids
  • Practicing fairness and consistency in discipline

Pretty much what i’ve been doing!

Lately my 3 year old has been challenging my parenting style to the maximum. I’m at the point where I feel like it’s not effective anymore. Seriously; I listen, I give her a chance to voice her opinions, heck, I even negotiate and try to compromise, but these days, it seems like almost everything I do just isn’t working.

I thought they said the “Terrible twos” were bad! I think they might have been wrong!

I am at a point where threats and bribery are sometimes the only way to get things done. Including getting her to eat.

Yes, she is growing up. Yes, she is testing boundaries/limits. Yes, she is exploring and learning. No, it is not fun for us parents.

My little girl is very strong willed. When she has her mind set on something, she will not change her mind no matter what you say. Which honestly I really appreciate. But boy is it hard to get to an agreement sometimes.

This morning I spent about 20min trying to talk her into brushing her teeth. Her own teeth! This is something that she will normally do willingly and without a fight but today she just wasn’t having it. I did everything, the threats, bribe, negotiate, EVERYTHING and still it took her 20min to get her to actually brush her teeth. It goes without saying that by the time she actually did it, I was already a lil exhausted.

Is this part of parenting only just a phase? Will it go away? Is she going to grow out of it?

Please say yes! I don’t know how else i’ll survive if this has to go on for much much longer.

Perhaps a change in parenting styles? Or could this be a bit too drastic a change? These are some questions that I ask myself on a regular.

I have honestly been loving the Authoritative style of parenting. It’s what came natural to me. What I felt more comfortable doing and i’d love to keep at it for all my kids. I just need to figure out how to make it work. But do I have the patience for it? Honestly I don’t know.

Have you had this happen with your little ones? How did you adjust?

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