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Shopping is such a fun thing to do but, when you have to do it with little ones, it can be rather overwhelming and tiresome. I cannot tell you how many times i’ve been to a mall and witnessed little ones throwing major tantrums while their parents tried to quickly hurry up and finish off the shopping – myself included. This somewhat has become the norm of shopping with kids. Or has it?

Last week Cresta Shopping centre opened doors to what might just be a revolutionary of shopping for parents with little ones. It is simply breathtaking, beautiful, designed especially for parents shopping with little ones, and it lives up to it’s name – the Family Oasis!

You are probably wondering; What makes the family room so special?

Well, it is a well controlled environment where parents can take their little ones in between shopping to just take a small break and regroup. The little ones get a chance to play – with toys provided at the Family Room, while parents watch/ or join in. Parents actually have a chance to sit down and breathe for a moment. If you think that’s cool, get this…

It is absolutely free to get into the Family Room at Cresta Shopping Centre.

But here’s a few thing to note:

  1. Parents will be required to sign in and out at the reception table
  2. You cannot leave children unattended in the family room
  3. For crowd control, each session in the family room is capped at 45min

Now that, that’s out the way, let’s take a look at the Family Room Oasis



Kitchenette Area

There’s a mini kitchen area where parents can sit around with little ones to have a meal together. It is well equipped with a microwave(x2) and highchair for the smaller children.

Locker roomLocker/Stroller Area

A locker area with keys for parents to put their bags/belongings inside to free up their hands. On the same area, parents can park the prams/strollers and rest assured that they are secure.

Family Bathroom

It’s never an easy task to go to the bathroom at a mall with kids especially when you are alone. ┬áThe normal mall bathroom stalls are designed to accommodate only one person comfortably at a time. The family room on the other hand has a well equipped family bathroom which has a toilet low enough for little ones and another one for parents, a basin for washing hands, and a bin for throwing in any garbage.



Changing Room

There’s a changing room which is fitted with comfortable changing mats for the little ones still in nappies and a rocking chair for the breastfeeding moms. There’s a large room for sharing and 2 private ones for parents wishing to have some privacy.



The Play Area

And then of course, the play area. This is where kids can be kids :). There’s toys, play mats, magnetic toys, toy boxes, and more. This space is so well organised and yet encouraging enough for kids to want to play there.

Little ones can play, draw, colour, and just have a bit of fun for a moment while taking a break from shopping. It’s a perfect place to distract kids from all that shopping madness.

This family room definitely will redefine shopping for parents with little ones – Mine included. It might not take away all the anxiety that comes with shopping but it sure will make it a bit better.

The family room can be found at the food court area just opposite Toy Kingdom.

Do you have kids? Have you been to Cresta mall lately?

If you have answered no, to the 2nd question, well I encourage you to go to Cresta Shopping Centre definitely give the family room a try.