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More often than not, I use taxis to get around town and run errands. Heck I even use taxis to go to work on a daily(weekdays). This is both by choice and not so much by choice.

It’s by choice because the only time I have for myself is during those few minutes while I walk either to the taxi in the morning to work or after work. I also like to use the time I walk after work as an opportunity to throw in a workout and power walk. So generally, I don’t mind. I have some time to regroup my thoughts by myself and workout while I get around to where I need to be and on time – most days :).

On the other side, it’s not by choice because I have *driving anxiety*! I don’t even know if this is a thing or maybe it’s just anxiety on it’s own and it’s triggered by driving; I don’t know. All I know is when I drive, I spend that whole time trying to calm myself down while I sweat bullets and it’s not fun.

I have had many moments where i’ve had to take my toddler with me on taxi/public transport rides. It’s not all bad but not all good either. Honestly, I would rather have her with me in our car than in a taxi/public transport. But in the meantime while I work through my anxiety, we using public transport to get around. So here’s a few things I know for sure about traveling by taxi/public transport with a toddler

  • It’s very uncomfortable – taxi seats are not thee best when it comes to sharing. Especially because we not all the same sizes/weight.
  • Saves money and it’s predictable – From experience, it works out much cheaper to travel by public transport as compared to driving daily. Fuel doesn’t come cheap and the prices keep changing
  • Snacks are a must have/pack – Little ones get bored very quickly and when we travel long distance, packing a snack (or snacks at times) is a must.  I’ve noticed that as soon as kids see someone eat something, they’ll want it as well. So I always make sure to pack extra snacks just in case there’s another little one in the taxi.
  • Always leave extra room/time for delays – Just because I am running late doesn’t mean the driver is too. I learned this the hard way.
  • Prayer is a necessity – I can’t control the driver or anyone else in the taxi but in a way I am depending on them to get to where i’m going safely. Prayer always gives me comfort not just for myself but for everyone else in the taxi including the driver.

Would you consider traveling by public transport?