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When we were expecting our now 3 year old, we went all out! We got her the travel system – which included a stroller, car seat, and a bassinet – as we eagerly waited for her arrival. Truthfully, we needed a stroller! We used to go out a lot on long walks and carrying her with our arms just wasn’t going to cut it. Then of course when we went shopping, to the park, and to visit family, so we wanted to have the stroller there with us all the time; and for the first few months we did. Until it just wasn’t working anymore!

The stroller that we got – which i’m not going to mention the brand by name because I truly love that brand – didn’t fit quite well with our requirements. Requirements we didn’t even know we had until we were already using the stroller.

To give you a bit of perspective: It was just the 2 of us then and we lived in a pretty petite house – just big enough for the 3 of us (once baby was born). So we had no room for any extras. Especially because we believe that less is more – we don’t normally fill up the house with extra furniture and we definitely love having space to move around.

So after a few weeks – could be months – of using the stroller, we weren’t really happy with it. The stroller was fine. It worked fine, It never broke down or anything, in fact it was in perfect condition. However it was just not gelling well with our requirements. It was bulky, took up too much space – both inside the house and in the car boot, and it wasn’t very easy to carry around. We then decided to give the stroller away and we have since been on the hunt to find a stroller that will not only meet our requirements but one that will also be safe for our little girl.

It’s been a long search and just as we were about to give up, I discovered the GB Pockit stroller. To be honest, I had not known or heard of the GB Pockit stroller until the day I saw it at the Mamamagic New Products Awards finalists judging session. But I fell in love with the stroller right there and then. It was love at first sight :).

It is petite, small enough to put in a bag, and it’s also very light weight. It is literally everything we wanted and more. ¬†We were ready to head over to Baby City and purchase it right away. Luckily the GB Pockit stroller was sent to us and we have now been using the stroller for over 2 weeks and truly I LOVE IT. I was very impressed by the stroller from the word go (First impressions video here) and I barely could wait to test it out.

So as soon as I got a chance, I put the stroller to the test and here’s what I had to say about it.

We still continue to use the GB Pockit stroller to this day and will be using it for a long while – at least until my little one outgrows it. We are both so very happy with it and definitely intend to keep it as our stroller of choice for all our little ones.

Have you tried the GB Pockit stroller? How did you like it?