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Many a times I write posts on here and I mention my daughter whom I refer to as Kbear and/or Little one. I Never really have taken some time out to formally introduce her to you. So I thought it’d be interesting to have her introduce herself the only way we know how – video.

This is a small video that we filmed randomly at home and wasn’t really sure whether or not I was going to share it but it came out so cute that I just had to. Apart from what you’ll see on it, here’s a little bit more about Kbear. Her nickname is Kbear (Initial from her name combined with bear). She’s a ball of energy all day, everyday (even when she’s sick). She is absolutely a joy to be around – most times. She is very strong willed, stubborn, and downright cute :). She has hints of shyness here and there, especially in unfamiliar circumstances but more often than not, she’s very outspoken and active. She is my only child – for now – and begs me daily for a baby brother.

Being her mom has not always been the easiest thing but I truly would not change it for ANYTHING. I may have given her life but in return she gave me a reason to live and as cliche as this sounds right now, It is absolutely true.

Hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit more.