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I’ve been using the Garnier Ultimate Blends line since they launched last year. I specifically love the Nourishing Repair range but every once in a while I use the Strength Restorer range. They are both amazing. These products have made wash days so much more exciting and pleasant and then when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Garnier introduced the delicate soother range to their Ultimate Blends family.

This range is made specifically for anyone with sensitive scalp and/or fragile hair. Personally, I wouldn’t say I have any of these 2; my daughter doesn’t either – Yes, I use Ultimate Blends on her as well 🙂 but this did not stop me from trying out the products.

I had expected nothing less than amazing from these products. After-all, I’ve been using the nourishing repair range and been left happy each time. I didn’t want to now start trying out the delicate soother and be left disappointed. So as you can imagine, my expectations were quite high. So with this in mind, I went and tested the products and here’s what I thought.

But before that, let’s look at some product information:

  • This range is made for natural hair
  • It is for sensitive scalp and fragile hair
  • Main ingredients are Rice cream and oats milk
  • There are NO parabens in the products
  • This range is said to sooth scalp while nourishing, softening and protecting hair

My first Impressions before & after using the products:

  • Packaging is very pretty. Love the subtle pink tones and the white contrast.
  • Both Shampoo and Conditioner smell INCREDIBLE
  • Both bottles grip very well even with wet hands
  • The shampoo lathers/foams really well – was very impressed (i’m a complete lover of foamy hair)
  • Conditioner feel so smooth and luxurious
  • Hair left feeling very soft – used the products on mine and my daughter’s hair ( we both have coarse 4c natural hair)

I am a creature of habit, very brand/product loyal but every so often I like trying out new exciting products. Although it really was a no brainer that i’d give the Delicate Soother range a try, I wasn’t quite sure if i’ll like them.

Well, let me just say, I’ll definitely be buying them and adding to my natural hair fave products. I am yet to try the mask but i’m very very very very eager to do so.

If you want to purchase the Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother products, you can get them at Clicks and/or Dischem. Not sure about the pricing but I’m assuming it’ll range between R40 and R80 – quite affordable, right!

Have you tried these products? How did you like them?