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I’ve been thinking about this for a moment now! At first I didn’t want to say anything; infact I wasn’t going to say something. But I’ve come to realize that this is something that I really love and I can’t just sit back and let it crumble.

First off – This is not meant to be a rant or tantrum of any kind :).

Recently, I’ve been running quite a number of giveaways on my blog/website. It’s been really fun and I truly enjoy giving back to you – the reader and friend of mine. However, it’s really starting to bother me that some people who enter for the said giveaways just don’t follow the rules and later message me asking me why they didn’t win. So i’m writing this post to try and explain how I do giveaways.

There are rules to follow

Normally with every giveaway I run, I have a set of rules. Very easy and basic rules! I try by all means to not make it complicated and to accommodate everyone. For example, I will mention that *you need to be staying within the boarders of South Africa to enter*. This is a simple rule and helps make shipping prizes to winners easier. I wouldn’t want to omit the rule then end up disqualifying entries because they don’t stay in South Africa. I’d rather say it upfront so that you have all the information you need to enter for the giveaway.

I give, you give :)

Running a giveaway is a fun way to interact with you and a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. On each giveaway, I normally ask you to share and tag me or the sponsor or leave a comment even. This is to do exactly that. Increase exposure by inviting more friends and more importantly to interact with you especially on the comments section. Please note, when I ask you to leave a comment, there’s really no right or wrong answer/comment unless otherwise specified.

Here's how you could win

At the end of each giveaway, I spend hours reading through comments (which I really love) and checking to make sure that you followed the rules to enter – as specified. For example, if I asked you to share the giveaway on Facebook and tag me, I will go to my Facebook page and look who did so. I try by all means to make sure that everyone has a fair chance of winning and verifying entries helps a ton with that. Truthfully, I wish everyone could win each time I run a giveaway but that’s just not financially possible. But if you want to win, make sure that you follow the set rules. When it states that, you need to be subscribed to the blog, make sure you subscribe. It’s really easy and hopefully not complicated. The last thing I want to do is to ask you to do something that you have no idea how to do so please, if you find something a little confusing, message me or comment and let me know.

I don’t want this post to be any longer than it needs to be but in a nutshell, when you enter for a giveaway, make sure you follow the rules and do as asked. It’ll give you a much greater chance of winning than if you don’t.

Here’s to winning.



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  • thea lennox says:

    I have seen how people ask on facebook why did i not win, i shared much more or whatever the reason may be and i think to myself how can you begrudge others a little bit of happyness. Never mind those type of a people and maybe one day they will change their attitude. Keep up the awesome blog and have an awesome day.