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I am a working mom. Every single weekday – unless i’m on leave – I spend 8 hours of each weekday in the office, working! This is all by choice. I love being able to support myself. I love having money in my bank account. I love being able to get what I want, when I want, without thinking twice about it. I love buying stuff for my daughter and I enjoy that I am able to do so without much help.

All this is a part of the reasons why I work. But it’s not always fun.

Life at work: We just recently moved offices. Massive amounts of traffic twice daily (to work & home). Nothing feels and looks familiar – except for my colleagues. Projects work are mounting up; new requests are coming in; processes are breaking down; and I am quietly sitting in a corner wishing for all this to go away. Wishing for things to go back to the way they were before the move. Familiar surroundings, no traffic, seamless processes, and that good old chilled but productive work vibe. But while I wait for my wish to come true, I am continuing to keep my head up and continue the hustle.

Life at home: It’s been rather crazy preparing for winter and making sure everything is working and ready for the oh so cold winter days. Can’t say i’m excited – I don’t have much love for winter – but i’m pretty confident that we are all set for winter.

We’ve had the opportunity to spend sometime with my Mom and little brothers over the weekend. As people who rarely ever have guests over, we found ourselves literally having to go buy everything from scratch for hosting guests.

My daughter was overjoyed to have other people in the house with us that were not Mommy or Daddy. She was bouncing all around and talking non-stop. It was exhausting to stay up with her but so cute to watch her take in all the attention and put up little dance performances.


Parenting: My darling daughter is totally convinced that the storks will be delivering her baby brother soon. I swear every single morning she wakes up and the first thing that comes out of her mouth after “Good morning Mommy” is “Did the storks deliver my baby brother?”. Then I always calmly respond and say, not today but I will let you know when they do. Then she continues to say “Maybe baby sister?.

It’s really adorable to watch and hear all this but it’s also heart breaking. She is really ready for a sibling and though I try explain to her every chance I get that the storks actually don’t deliver babies, she still is very persistent on asking. She’s not a quitter for sure and hopefully she’s get a sibling soon.

Listening to: I’m currently listening to an audio book by Russel Williams: Do You! 12 laws to access the power in you to achieve happiness and success. Generally i’m not an audio book person but with the amount of traffic I sit through on a daily, audio books have definitely been my best companions. In this book Russel shares some very insightful stories about how he rose to where he is today while including tips and tricks for anyone that aspires to do great things. It’s all about you, your passion, and how hard you are willing to work at it. To a certain degree, it’s giving me a whole new perspective on life.

Watching: At the moment, i’m not really watching anything. Since Game of Thrones and Vikings, I haven’t really found any series appealing to watch. Though I must say, I’ve heard quite a number of things being said about the series *13 reasons why* and each day I find myself  more & more wanting to watch it. So for now, i’m definitely keeping it at the top of my to-watch-list.

Thinking about: I am strongly considering applying for a Master’s Degree for the coming year – 2018. This is something that has always been on my to-accomplish-list and I think now more than ever is the right time to do it. My daughter is only turning 4 this year. She’s not yet in big girl school. I can afford to quit my job and study full time, and we are in a much better position to uproot our lives and move closer to university campus (depending on where I get accepted).

In the meantime, i’m sending my applications to different universities within South Africa and overseas as well and patiently wait for the response.I guess I’ll make the final decision once I get the responses.

It hasn’t been an easy past couple of weeks, especially with the office move. Been dropping the ball for sure on my blog. The 21st century mom feature sort of fell through the cracks – which I feel awful about, and i’ve really just been trying to adjust to life in my new surrounding.

How have you been?