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WOW, I cannot believe that it’s already almost Father’s day! Feels like just yesterday when it was Valentine’s day back in February and I had no idea what to buy for my boyfriend.

They say old habits die hard but this time I may have proven this saying wrong. Normally I am one to wait until the very last minute before shopping for gifts. Not by choice but simply because I almost always never really know what to buy – I tend to over do it sometimes or under do it, it’s rarely in the middle.

This Father’s day however, I kind of just planned ahead and made sure all is in order to avoid all that panic. I found a couple of great gifts – even bought some – and I thought to share with you, just in case you are like me – sometimes – and like to leave things until the very last hour.

I don’t know about you but I love to give gifts that will last for a while. Yes, a spa treatment and a romantic holiday are always on my radar but for special days – like Father’s day – I prefer to just give something tangible.

So here’s my top picks for Father’s day 2017

  • A nice classy watch (can be branded if you prefer) along with a sweet message (something like: Here’s to keeping track of many wonderful Father’s days to come). This you can get from any watch store or jewelry store depending on the brand you pick (e.g. American Swiss). My current favorite is the Fossil watches, they are just gorgeous and their price can range from anything between R2000 to R4000.
  • Personalized wallet. This just says it all. A perfectly colored (brown or black) leather wallet with a short but lovely message engraved in it just will hit the spot. Netflorist currently has a bunch of options to choose from and if you order now (before 12pm) chances are, it’ll be delivered to you tomorrow :). You can get one for about R400 to R1000 again depending on which one you like and/or whether it’s a branded name.
  • DIY Craft. If you are more crafty and or your little ones are into crafts then this might be a winner for you. It can be a fun Mommy & the kids DIY project for Daddy. Even better, if your partner loves crafting, then you can go to any craft shop and make magic happen for him. You can buy him tools to craft with or even ask them to craft that one thing that he’s always wanted. Builders warehouse is big on DIY so maybe you want to check them out as well.
  • Braai kit. As cliche as this is, it never really gets old. For all the dads that love to spend weekends in the backyard braaing up a storm, this is exactly for them. You can add in a few extra accessories to complete the kit if you prefer (braai stand) – after all, this in a way will benefit you as well :). Game has got a few of these on their braai section and though prices may vary, it should be anything from R100 upwards.
  • Tool kit belt and/or Apron. Almost every woman loves a handy man. One who’ll always be there to fix up the roof if it start to leak or fix the tap when it goes loose. So why not make him look all shades of sexy and glorious while he’s at it! These make for a perfect father’s day gift for that handy but oh so handsome man in your life. You don’t have to buy both but it’s okay if you want to spoil him a little. Builders warehouse has got you covered here with prices ranging from R750 upwards or downwards depending on what you choose.

These are absolute faves for this year’s Father’s day and I love that they can still be used beyond Father’s day, which is great.

Have you bought/crafted a Father’s day gift yet? What’s your fave gift?