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Witnessing the love that my daughter has for books is just one of the things that still sweeps me off my feet without a doubt. Especially because I never used to like reading myself. It’s not something that came natural to me. Granted, I was never read to as a child, but after 3 years of practicing with my daughter, I have come to actually really enjoy it.

Each month we go through quite a number of books. Some are constant favourites while others are serious monthly obsessions. Last month was no different… Except, we got a bunch of books from Pan Macmillan SA. Books that we, yes we, have been absolutely in love with.

Pan Macmillan SA sells books to different book stores, independent book sellers, 
and for those who love convenience, online shops too. They have a wide variety 
of children's books to choose from and they are sorted nicely by age making it 
very easy for you to find the perfect book(s) for your little ones.

I enjoy reading books to my daughter. It’s a great way for us to spend some quality time together especially with me being a working mom. I love books that not only encourage or stimulate her imagination, but also those that teach her something. Books that will help build her character as a person and teach her a few things about behaviour and/or how to conduct herself. I found it’s a much easier and fun way to teach her rather than to just tell her about it.

Here’s some of the books that we read during the month of June.

* Puppy dog, puppy dog, How are you?

* Trolls – Bought from Takealot

* Mouse’s big day

* Making Friends

* Sea Creatures

* Old Hat

Here’s a YouTube video explaining why we’ve been loving them

Be sure to follow Pan Macmillan here to be in the loop with the latest books:

What books have you been reading with your little ones?






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