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So yesterday was my birthday… I am officially 27 years old and you know what, it’s not that bad after all.

I must admit though, I spent quite a number of endless nights wondering if i’m on the right track; whether my goals are still in the picture and actually still active, and just wondering about my achievements and accomplishments thus far.

27 years is a long time and though I shouldn't concern myself all that much - 
especially because I didn't really have much say more than half of those years 
on the count of *I was a minor* - I still love to see myself move forward.

So me being as pedantic as i am, I did a life audit just before my birthday and as it turns out; I was just psyching myself out the whole time when infact I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Here’s 27 things I learned in 27 years

#1 Be proud of myself & my achievements – give credit where it’s due

#2 Be kind to myself

#3 Then be kind & courteous to others

#4 Beauty comes from within (If I don’t believe this, no one can make me believe it.)

#5 Love myself before loving someone else

#6 It’s okay to say NO

#7 Just like getting a NO doesn’t mean it’s the end

#8 I cannot have money by spending money

#9 Buying things cash is so much easier than buying on credit

#10 It’s okay to buy second-hand things

#11 Never to do things to please other people – even if those people are my parents

#12 Do me – Live my life and no one else’s

#13 Never be afraid to try something new

#14 It’s okay to fail – But also get up, learn from it, then try again

# 15 Let go – stop holding grudges

#16 Anger or being angry seriously weighs you down

#17 Understand that some people will come and go – it’s just the circle of life

#18 Communication is really important – use my voice and speak my mind

#19 It’s okay if I click with someone – Really is not my fault

#20 Forced friendships/relationships always will end up with a disaster

#21 Know when to walk away

#22 Parenting is hard

#23 Being a parent is a very rewarding experience

#24 Patience truly is a virtue

#25 Driving is not as easy as everyone makes it look

#26 Marriage does not guarantee you a lifetime

#27 When they said time flies after 21 (turning 21 years), they weren’t lying.

I look back on my life with a smile on my face. Sure, there are other things that I could have done – like getting a degree in Computer Engineering – but i’m happy with my honours degree in IT Management.

I am proud of where I've been and where I come from. I am happy with where I am 
at the moment,and I am very excited to see where I am going.

Doing this audit was by far the best thing I did all this month. I spent far too much time telling myself that I haven’t achieved much and time is running out – getting old – meanwhile I actually had quite a lot to be proud of and all the more reasons to embrace my 27th year of life.

I would totally recommend that you do this.

Whether you are worried that you haven’t achieved much or you just think that things aren’t going as fast as you’d like them to for you get your achievement! Just write down all the things you’ve done & learned to date, i’m telling you will actually start to appreciate your efforts even more.

I had myself I great birthday – no celebration in particular but it was amazing.

Here’s to many more years of learning and growing.