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I have waited for exactly 2 Months and 3 weeks to write this post and let me tell you, IT WAS THE LONGEST WAIT OF MY LIFE. 

But I had to. I was kind of waiting for the right moment to do it and well, it’s now or never. The perfect moment is NOW!

If you know me or follow me on twitter (@mnb_approved) then you know very well just how much I love The Transformers movies! Who am I kidding? I just really love OPTIMUS PRIME, and since he’s in the Transformers movies, then yes, I LOVE THEM…..ALL 5 of them. I must add, I also love Bumblebee.

PS: There might be an unhealthy Autobots obsession going on here?

Anyway, all this love – though very necessary – is barely the point of this post.

Today is the last day of the third term of schools. The little ones will be taking a much needed break and they’ll get to either relax at home with the family, go on a little vacation/holiday, or in my case, visit the Transformers exhibition/expo for a fun filled day.

Keeping little ones entertained during the holidays can sometimes be daunting. Especially if you have more that one children. However this time around I feel a little less anxious. Probably because the holidays are only a week long but also because Centurion Mall is currently hosting a super fun Transformers exhibition/expo not just for little ones but also for the adults too.

They have the autobots and the deceptions on displays with audios and clips from the movies and cartoon series. For the little ones, there’s the animated versions of the Transformers which I personally found to be super cute, and then of course the more serious, metal shaped Transformers for the adults. Seriously it’s like one giant Cybertron in Centurion mall.

My family had a chance to go visit the exhibition and we absolutely loved it. Though my daughter – almost 4 years old at the time was a bit freaked out at first – because the Transformers figurines looked a bit too real for her – she ended up warming up and actually enjoying herself.

This is a fun exhibition for the whole family and definitely worth every coin. When you get a moment, take your family to go check it out.

Here's some important things to note:

The tickets are currently sold on web ticket (  and they range from a small amount of R89 to about R140. The exhibition will run until the 15th of October 2017 – so there’s still plenty of time to get your tickets. The expo is open all day from about 10am till 5 or 6 pm and it is at Centurion Mall :).

Don’t forget to take a camera to take tons of pictures or videos :), and of course have some fun. We sure did!

PS: Seeing Optimus Prime up close and personal was definitely the highlight for me :).