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This past weekend we took a road trip down to Cape Town city centre – downtown :). Unlike our other trips, this one was planned a little bit in advance and we actually stayed in a hotel. Very rare for us, especially with our random & spontaneous road trips.


When we got to Cape Town, the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out to play, with a little bit of clouds but still just perfect. So we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed straight down to the beach – well kind of.  Back in December when we went on our 7 countries road trip, we went past Muizenberg and placed a *to-visit* again mark on it. Well, last week Thursday was exactly that day. We made our way to those pretty colourful huts – St James – that we’ve always been admired and it did not disappoint at all. It was basically everything we imagined and a little more. I mean, granted the huts were a little bit run down compared to what our friend Google showed us, but it wasn’t a train smash.

We had a really great time until the weather dramatically changed – Just Cape Town being Cape Town, I guess.

With the weather telling us to calmly pull ourselves towards ourselves, we headed straight to the hotel to check in. We stayed at the SunSquare City Bowl Hotel. A newly built hotel that honestly is a little piece of heaven.

This trip was honestly about just driving down to Cape Town, *camping* in the hotel room, and just relaxing. But relaxing wouldn’t be much fun without something to snack on, would it?

After breakfast we quickly scrambled out the hotel parking lot and headed straight to Charly’s Bakery. This I must add, was a dream come true for me. I once watched a documentary on TV about the bakery and I silently promised myself that one day when I have enough time, I will check it out. Though the treats didn’t turn out as I hoped, taste wise, they sure looked really good and the dream was fulfilled.

Once the sugar settled in, we changed quickly into our swim wear and went to the hotel pool. Though the weather was a bit crazy – again Cape Town just being Cape Town – Kbear absolutely loved being in the pool. It was an indoor pool, nice and warm, and almost private. Yes, we were basically the only people there – Probably because we were the only crazy people wanting to be in the pool while the weather was crazy cold. And just in case you are wondering, No, we can’t swim 🙂 but the pool was only 1.5 meters deep. I could technically stand up and still have my head sticking out. Oh yes, I am quite tall…LOL.

This made it so much easier to hold on to Kbear because like mommy, she also can’t swim. YET! And yes, this was definitely the highlight of Kbear’s time in Cape Town.

Then of course, a trip to Cape Town with Kbear would not be completed without riding on The Cape Wheel. Yet another highlight for Kbear but for me, not so much. I don’t do very well with heights. I seriously start palpitating, sweating, you name them, when i’m off the ground – my comfort zone :). But I braved through the fear and soldiered on for my little munchkin, who by the way never seems to settle down every time we want to take a picture – thus she’s blurry on most of the family pictures.

On our last day in the western cape, we took a long-ish drive down the coastal drive to Cape Agulhas – where the Indian ocean meets the Atlantic ocean. This was another stop that we had put a *to-visit* marker on back when we were road tripping back in December.

It took us a bit longer to get there because we got lost along the way; we got so caught up with one of the views on the road we drove on, we literally missed our turn. This happens quite a lot when we are road tripping :).

We met a lovely couple from Florida and ended up chatting up a storm, we couldn’t even make it to our favourite stop – The Wilderness in George. Kbear was not actually very happy with this but hopefully we will visit George soon.

This was a very short trip but the memories are just too overwhelming. After about almost 25 hours of driving with a LOAD of stops in between, we finally made it back home. Very exhausted, a little stinky, and just full of joy. Definitely worth the drive.

How did you spend your weekend?