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Exactly a year ago on this day, I sat on my kitchen counter, wrote down a whole list of dreams, goals, aspirations, and pretty much EVERY! SINGLE! THING! I wanted to achieve before the year ended. I had high hopes, determination and faith that i’d achieve ALL of THEM.

I was almost right! But i'm not complaining.

2017 was a good year. No scrap that! 2017 was a GREAT year. A lot of hard work went into it and boy did the rewards come through! Some from exactly where the work went and others straight out of nowhere – must be that snowball effect people keep talking about.

I am not one to brag or put my achievements on blast but I do believe that taking stock of ones life is just as important as setting goals. It’s a gentle reminder that you are on the right track or in some cases, you need to regroup, reroute, and keep moving forward.

Amongst other things, here’s what totally made my 2017 greater.

  • After 7 years in the field of Business Process Engineering/Analysis I finally quit and moved on to a new and exciting role – Regional IT Specialist. This was probably the scariest change but also so exciting. I needed to change my career and the role I got – even though I didn’t know it at the time – was exactly what I needed. 6 months in, i’m still scared but I like it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • One crazy Aug night, we decided to drive down to Cape Town and we did- 17 hours going and about 19 hours coming back. After our Dec 2016 cross country road trip, you’d think this would be just another trip! Well, it wasn’t. It was different to a certain degree. More often than not when we think about going to Cape Town, our first instinct is to book flights but this time we said, we are driving. Thee most liberating decision ever. No one told us what to do, where to go, or what time to be there. No one! We set the rules and we had a blast.
  • Then I turned 27 years old. My goodness was I terrified! I’ll be very honest, I am still scared of getting older. That constant feeling that I am up against time still creeps up to me every now and again and turning 27 was probably the scariest. It’s always been very comfortable being below 25 years of age and 26 was next to 25 so that wasn’t so bad. However 27 was a whole other story. It felt – honestly still does sometimes – a little bit too close to 30 and I was not ready. Nonetheless when the day came – my birthday – I could not have been more excited. Did some stock take of my life and bit by bit, I let go of some fear – some still lurks, these things apparently don’t happen overnight – and embraced the change.

There is a whole lot more that happened in 2017 but these are what topped them all up. To some people, this is nothing, to me, it’s EVERYTHING. Change in career, Taste of freedom, and accepting getting older (or trying).

I still have no idea what in store for me this year but whatever it is, I am ready – together with a long list of my *to-achieve in 2018* goals. We are ready.

What was your highlight from 2017?