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We just recently got back from a crazy fun 9 days Cross country road trip where we went from South Africa, into Botswana, then Zambia, Zimbabwe, and finally Namibia. We drove a total of about 6 000km, saw incredible views, took insane amount of pics, and created amazing memories.

Since then, I’ve received quite a number of interesting questions about Namibia. Mostly relating to what to do there and some about the weather and the culture thereof.

I wanted to respond to each person’s message/text individually but that would have taken a while so I thought writing it here would be much more easier and well…..sort of well organised!

Namibia is so much more like South Africa in that the shops there are exactly what we have in South Africa. It has that familiarity about it that makes one feel at home even when you know you are hundreds of kilometers away from home. The weather is a little bit on the hotter end but it’s nothing a little sunscreen can’t handle {also nothing out of the ordinary} and even though they use Namibian Dollars, their 1 Namibian Dollar is equal to 1 Rand – making it a 1:1 currency ratio.

Swakopmund is a small town in Namibia. About 4 to 5 hours from Windhoek and just down right AMAZING. It has become one of my favourite spots in Namibia and here’s why:

Contrast between Desert and the Ocean

I still remember the day I saw the gorgeous desert/beach contrast when we got to Swakopmund back in 2016. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Coupled with the wonderful and cool breeze from the Atlantic ocean, it is just such a pleasure to be there. South Africa is a gorgeous country! With it’s green leafy forests, amazing weather, and everything so close to each other (convenience), it’s a blessing to be able to call it home. However having the opportunity to drive to Swakopmund, set foot on the Namib Desert, go up the sand dunes, and actually soak up all that magical Desert-Ocean view is an even bigger blessing.

Dune 7 

Even though this is technically speaking in Walvis Bay – another coastal city in Namibia, one cannot go to Swakopmund and back without going to see Dune 7. We made that mistake the first time around (2016) and we spent 12 months in full blown anticipation of the day we get to see Dune 7. Rest assured, it’s the first thing we went to see when we got to Swakopmund in 2017.

Dune 7 is one of the highest sand dunes in Namibia – measured at over 383 meters – and by far the hardest I’ve had to climb up. The view from the top of Dune 7 is just magical; Sand dunes in all forms and sizes, the heat coupled with the cool breeze, the feeling of accomplishment – because it ain’t easy going up that dune – and the feeling of sand on ones feet as it gets gently blown away by the wind. All just incredible and worth every bit of sweat.

Swakopmund City Tour

For the explorer who’s interested in the history of the town/city, the Swakopmund City Tour will be perfect for you. On this tour you get to explore the city, find out more about the history of the city, meet new people, and get a possible glimpse into the potential future of Swakopmund (by looking at how Swakopmund may develop over time). Personally I enjoy looking at city buildings and structures and though this might sound weird, I enjoy doing that more in the evenings or early mornings. Before the hustle and buzzle of the people get there or just after they depart for home. It gives me this calming feeling that I can’t even explain. If you like that, you will definitely enjoy walking/driving around Swakopmund City.

I am just a simple person and it’s simple things like these that make me happy. Getting in the car with my people, driving around the world, and making memories. Now that’s my happy place!

Have you been to Namibia? What’s your  favourite spot?