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It’s that time of the year again. The time when I can barely move, hardly ever want to go outside, and mostly the time when I just want to curl up in a ball and hibernate for at least 3 months. It is WINTER!

That’s a bit dramatic, right! But it’s true.

I am not a winter person. Was born smack middle of winter but still, I don’t appreciate winter at all!

However since becoming a Parent, I have had to adjust my attitude towards winter. I no longer have the get out of jail free card and the freedom to choose to stay in bed all day like I did pre-parenting. Now I have to get out of bed and show up for my daughter. I have to actively be there and keep my 4 year old occupied… or at least try.

Recently we have been loving playing indoors, exploring with our imaginations and just making the small moments count. Then we received a wonderful package with 3 amazing toys from Prima Toys South Africa. It’s almost like the universe was listening to our crazy imaginations while we played. The games in the package were the LOL surprise 60 pieces puzzle, Frozen activity pack, & the Sofia the First my nail studio (watch our review on these games here) and we have been hooked since then.

Today I am partnering with Prima Toys to give one of you a chance to win a Sofia the First nail studio game. This game was an absolute hit with my daughter. It tapped into her creative side and she loved it. It’s very bright and colourful making it easy for little ones to relate to and the instructions on the game are very easy to follow as well. Just a heads up, this game is more on the girly side so it’ll be suitable for little girls however this shouldn’t discourage you from entering the giveaway if you have little boys as I believe it would make a perfect birthday gift as well.

Here’s a few things you need to know before you enter for this giveaway:

  • You need to be living within the boarders of South Africa
  • Be subscribed to this blog (PS: It’s completely free)
  • Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced on the 19th of June 2018 on my twitter timeline (make sure you follow me there) and winner will have 24 hours to claim the prize. Should winner not claim prize within 24 hours, new winner will be drawn.

Have fun and good luck.





  • Carolyn Augustus says:

    My little loves painting and playing with playdough so that’s always a winner. We also do puzzles and play board games. And every now and then we go outside to dance in the rain and jump in puddles.

  • ragmat Baron says:

    I keep my daughter occupied by playing boardgames

  • Lynn Botha says:

    We watch movies together, my kids love to “help” me bake.. that’s always a winner. We also have boardgames .

  • Janel Sunderlall says:

    Lots of arts and crafts, movies, outdoor activities when the sun is out, baking and playing dress up

  • thea lennox says:

    i print pictures and let them color it in

  • Nivashini Thaver says:

    We are arts and crafts kind of people. I give my girls free reign in their rooms. We choose a wall that’s just for their art

  • Sharleen says:

    We do colouring in, boardgames and puzzle building

  • kamilah francis says:

    Art and crafting,story telling,games,indoor play park fun,bike riding in the park,puzzle building,baking cookies

  • Alecia Alexander says:

    I get them arts and crafts tools and puzzles too. We also go out for movies or simply hire some of their favorite movies with some popcorn. Fingers crossed!

  • Megan Hartwig says:

    PLAY BOARD GAMES…Remember snakes and ladders? I am going to Break out some classic board games you haven’t thought about in years. My kids will love playing, and I’ll have fun reminiscing.

  • Carla M VD Westhuizen says:

    Colouring in, television, duplo and if he gets cabin fever then I bundle him out and take him on an excursion!

  • Lynn Botha says:

    We watch movies together, my kids love baking so we bake cupcakes, play board games, read books 🙂

  • Yvette Henning says:

    They love building “tents” in the house so that’s always a winner and keeps them entertained for hours, colouring in and drawing, playdough, puzzles..

  • Nombongo Jilimane says:

    Hey Oluv. I dont have a child of my own,however I have a niece who I love dearly. She loves Sofia so much. I am sure she would love the nail studio set.

  • jenny nieuwenhuys says:

    Watching movies with popcorn.. board games.. painting fingers and toe nails 🙂

  • Terrilee Ferreira says:

    Rihana loves watching movies and YouTube

  • Julie-Anne Thomas says:

    I make lots of popcorn, candy floss, cupcakes and Cooldrinks and we watch movies and play board games whole day!

  • Lucy Rodriguez says:

    We love playing with play dough, creating new configurations with his train and Hot Wheels tracks, painting, and playing with Legos. 🙂

  • Jp says:

    Board games, movies, home playdates, painting, arts and crafts