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Hey there my wonderful Besties and loyal readers who probably think that I have fallen off the face of the earth as a result of my silence. It’s been literally over a month since I posted anything on here and honestly I didn’t think it was this long until I checked (hides face). I’m sure you already know by now if you follow me on Instagram and/or are subscribed to my YouTube channel that I am currently pregnant with baby number two (pretty exciting times). The exhaustion coupled with laziness has been very real and as such my disappearance from here. The first trimester was even worse. I barely knew who I was during those times and I most certainly did not have any ideas/content to write about besides just secretly wishing to jump into the second trimester in a heartbeat and skip all those first trimester shenanigans. I must say though the past couple of weeks have been a little bit better. I have some sort of energy back and even though I am still exhausted (probably from working myself too hard trying to get through everything on my list) it is nothing as hectic as the first trimester.


So to get to how I feel about having baby number two? Truth is I am a little terrified. I wished and prayed for this little baby for so long and it took us over a year of trying that when it finally happened, fear set in. What if I was only cut out to have just one child? What if it took this long because it just was never meant to be? Did we really tempt fate this time? Or was it all just supposed to take this long? These were the questions that rang in my head during those long miserable first trimester days. Thankfully those days are gone. Now I spend my days feeling very excited to meet this sweet little baby, writing lists of what I have to buy, and pretty much just trying to get my head in the right space for the birth of this precious little soul.

You are probably wondering how my four year old is feeling about the baby sibling? Well, she is beside herself with excitement. She asks me daily if the baby is coming today. In her precious little mind, the baby should be ready to come now and start playing with her…..bless her sweet heart. She still doesn’t understand the concept of waiting for 9 months before the baby is born. On the plus side though, she has felt and seen the sweet baby kicks on my belly. Pretty sure it’s giving her some hope and reassurance that there is indeed a baby in there somewhere. After begging for a baby sibling for almost 2 years, I don’t blame her scepticism sometimes.


On the more exciting note, I found out that I am having a sweet little baby Boy… One heck of an exciting adventure loading. Personally I had hoped for a boy simply because I figured it’d be another very exciting experience after raising a Little girl for almost 5 years…Having a Son sounded very very very appealing. My daughter is very excited for a baby Brother as well, though she really initially wanted a baby Sister. I think she took very well to the idea of having a baby brother once I told her we having a baby Boy.

I am very excited to be on this journey and I really hope that you will be coming along with me. Please let me know what kind of posts – either written or video – you’d like to see as we go on this adventure.