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Table Mountain Covered with clouds
I can’t believe i’m only posting this now. A whole 2 days later…thanks to exhaustion. But don’t worry, i still have details of this day as fresh as though they only happened yesterday. Anyway,let me not waste time. For the 1st time since we arrived in Cape Town we had a super beautiful and sunny day. Which honestly caught us off guard because we came prepared for the cold and not the heat. So as you can imagine, we took advantage of the day. We started first by going to V&A waterfront to take a few snapshots. It still amazes me just how incredibly beautiful the view was from there. We tried getting tickets to go see Robben Island , but unfortuantely they were sold out. Kinda exactly what i expected. A good day with Good weather,of course people want to go see Robben Island! My poor bf was totally sad that we couldn’t get ticket so we went to ride The Cape Wheel instead.
Now that was very interesting. If you don’t know yet, i’m terrified of falling which in turn makes me terrified of heights so you can just imagine the trauma. But i soldiered on and did it. The whole time through the ride, i had to remind myself that It won’t last forever and that we were safe. Story of my life….Anyway we then took about an hour drive to go see Cape Point. This kinda makes me sad because we did not take any pics. Both our phones were dead as well as the camera battery. Why did i not bring the backup battery!!!just Why? Luckily we made 1 or 2 stops on the way there and we took a couple of snaps so that’ll have to do for now. The cream of this beautiful day was going to the University of Cape Town. I’ve spent a couple of my high school days day dreaming about studying at UCT and guess what, i got accepted. Had a student number and all, however, being the introvert that i am, I panicked when it was time to go register and ended up studying in Joburg closer to home (3 hours drive). My point is, just being at the university of Cape Town made want to study even more. Such a beautiful laid back and yet very reputable University..*sigh*. So as the night died down, we drove back home, Kbear napping and daddy playing some nice slow jams. I looked outside the window when suddenly, a thought of relocating to Cape Town filled my head. As i sit and write this post, all i can think of is us living in Cape Town but of course i can’t help but wonder whether this is a good place to raise kids considering the weather.
University of Cape Town