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This day was all about Kbear. Everything we did today revolved around her and I guess it’s safe to say that our holiday mode paused for a lil…LOL. Again the weather was back to normal, Cloudy, misty, and a lil windy. Which now when i think about it, I realize that it’s probably where we are staying – Camps Bay. When we drove to Sea Point/Green Point, it was warm and almost sunny. Anyway, we didn’t let the weather get us down. This was our lil girl’s day and we wanted to make it so much more special. Being a fan of shades as she is, she started the day rocking her stylish toddler shades, which are my personal favourites and we posed for 1 or 2 snapshots. We then took her to the aquarium. Kbear is a big fan of fishes, and i didn’t realize just how much she loved fishes until this day. She ran around the aquarium not even caring about the strangers surrounding her.

I’m so glad I  captured all of that on video and we will be able to look back on it later on in life. As usual we could not take pictures. This wasn’t because our batteries died but rather because Kbear wouldn’t sit still for a picture. Instead of forcing her to sit still, we decided to just make a video and let her run around. We spent about 2 hours at the aquarium before exhaustion set in and while she took her nap we tried to go see if the Robben Island trip was available. Yep,you guessed it, it was cancelled due to wind. We then decided to just drive back home and just snuggle up and watch a movie. On the way there, we grabbed cupcakes to celebrate Kbear’s 21st Month, some meat to braai and of course a lil gift for Kbear (tea set). When we got home, we braaied, had dinner, sang for Kbear and ate cupcakes. Before we knew it, it was 23h00pm and we called it a night. Still can’t believe my lil girl is almost 2years old. Happy 21st Month Munchie….