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This was thee most perfect day ever. All we did was sit inside our suite and watch movies. Though I must say, we were totally home sick. The most we’ve bee away from home on Vacation/Holiday is 3 days or over the weekend. However this time we were gone for a week and it kinda drove us crazy at the end.
And so after watching about 2 movies on DSTV, I busted out my phone and we started posing for photos. Now this had me laughing so hard, I literally wanted to cry because my ribs were so sore. Kbear is an absolute character. She pulled out posed even I had never done before. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute and all but it was mostly surprising that a 21month old could do that. Then I remembered, she probably saw some people pose like that and she was just doing what she saw. It was thee most cutest and yet hilarious thing I’ve seen. 
Later that evening we went out to go get some food for the braai we finally decided to do. This actually made us miss home even more 🙁 but we did it anyway. After eating I played pretend tea time with Kbear and had a ball. I swear, this girl’s imagination blows me away every single time without fail. Once we got tired of drinking “tea” I started packing our clothes to make sure that we don’t spend too much time in the morning running around trying to pack. Again Kbear was a big help. Handing me the clothes and picking them up while daddy passed out on the bed…LOL…And so with packing done, Kbear fed and clean, and the time just about to hit 11pm, we decided to call it a night. I tugged Kbear in and got myself ready for bed. I kid you not, 15min later, we were all knocked out.