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All ready to go home

6am in the morning I am wide awake, which is shocking because I’m the kind of person who sleeps in during the weekend. But there I was at 6am in the morning, my eyes open wide and not a sign of going back to sleep. I checked on Kbear and she was still knocked out so I let her finish off her sleep. Dzee had already woken up as well, he was taking a shower when I woke up which got me thinking that if I woke up at 6am to find him showering, then what time did he wake up! Anyway, I wrapped up on some of the few things I had left to pack and jumped into the shower myself. We then watched a movie while we waited for Kbear to wake up. The most strange thing is that, I wasn’t even hungry and I really appreciate my breakfast. It wasn’t until around 10am when Kbear woke up that i felt really hungry. I made myself a sandwich while Dzee got Kbear ready and when I was done eating, It was time for me to feed Kbear while daddy packed away her pj’s. Once Kbear was done eating, we were ready to get out of that suite and slowly make our way home.
Of course we had to stop by the beach. The weather was cloudy and it actually drizzled a lil bit plus it was super windy. The waves of the ocean actually started forming form on the beach which actually looked kind nasty so we didn’t stick around for long. Going to the airport, was somehow, shorter than I remember it and as soon as we got there, we checked-in our bags and headed straight to the lounge to relax a little bit and kill some time while we wait for our flight. When the time came, we boarded our flight and headed straight to Johannesburg. The fight was incredibly smooth and even though I was sad that I didn’t get the window seat, I had a great time. An hour and 45min later we landed safely in Johannesburg. We took the Gautrain and then drove home. Amongst all 3 of us, Kbear was more happy to be home. She ran straight into her playroom and hugged bunny. In this very moment, it was confirmed yet again that there is no place like HOME.