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Toddler Style
When I was pregnant I wished and prayed to have a little girl. This is simply because I personally think that having a girl as a first born child is an advantage in a long run, especially if you are a neat freak…LOL. Which is why I’m so glad for my mom that I was her first born child. So anyway, when we found out that we were indeed having a girl, I was beyond happy. For the longest time I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I’m gonna do with our lil Babybear and this just made me wish pregnancy lasted only 3months rather than 9. To pass time, I started shopping and gathering all the necessities we required to get ready for Babybear. I’m naturally a very girly person and so it didn’t surprise me when I realized that most of the stuff I bought were pink. Then I thought for a sec, “What if there was an error with the ultrasound and it’s actually a boy?”. All this happens after I washed and ironed all the clothes, so there was no way I could return them to the shops….Now that could have been a disaster!! And so I started shopping for things that were a little less pink,boy was that hard! All the pink things are just so cute. 
10months later, Babybear was born and from that moment on, I have been having so much fun dressing her up. She changed outfits 2 to 3 times daily as an infant because I just wanted to make sure that she wears all her clothes before she outgrew them. However, now she’s a bit older (21 months) and is in Nursery school so she can only wears 1 outfit daily :(. I try keep her clothing as comfortable as I possibly can, but also keep her stylish bearing in mind not to overdress her. I’d hate it if Kbear is unable to play at school because her outfit will get ruined. So with that in mind, I’m gonna give you details of each 1 of the above pictures below. These are the outfits she wore very recently either to school or while were just chilling at home.

 In this picture – left, Kbear is wearing light brown with pink hearts snow boots, blue denim jeggings, a light brown with polka dots long sleeve top(which you probably can’t see the polka dots) and I paired that with a pink body warmer. It was a pretty chilled morning, not too cold but not hot either and this outfit kept her warm throughout the day. Clothes/Shoes by Ackermans.
Picture on the right – It wasn’t yet winter but we were on the last days of Autumn and we got those few days where it was warm but not hot. So on that day, I dressed Kbear in her pink with floral deco ankle boots/sneaker, a pair of white tights and a grey with white hearts and and a lil girl print. I swear I can never go wrong with white tights and I honestly don’t mind washing them. Clothes by Mr price and Ackermans/Shoes

Picture on the left – I’ve always been a big fan of denim. I wears denims every single day myself. And so I am not shy to admit that I buy Kbear way too much denim, it’s getting a bit crazy. In this picture, she’s wearing her long length denim top which comes with a super cute skinny belt and I paired that with her faded peach tights with a navy blue bow detail at the bottom. She refused to wear shoes for the photo but she had on her navy blue sandals. It was such a beautiful warm day. Clothes by Edgars

Picture on the right – We are a Christian Family and we try by all means to go to church every chance we get. I’m kinda old school and I think it’s more appropriate to wear skirts and/or a dress to church. So that’s exactly how I dressed Kbear. I put her in a chic scotch patterned dress that went a lil bit below her knees. I paired that with pink winter tights because it was a bit chilly in the morning. Then she wore her brown/greyish pumps with grey bow detail. Before the photo she had on a Grey with pink polka dots blazer on top. Clothes/Shoes by Edgars and Ackermans

Picture on the left – Bold colours aren’t always my favourite but as I mentioned, I try by all means to limit the pink. So I went ahead and bought Kbear red corduroy pants. I paired them with her red Minnie Mouse sneakers, an animal print body warmer and a plain white long length top underneath. Honestly I was quite surprised by how well this outfit came together. I guess her complexion helped out as well. Clothes/Shoes by Ackermans and Edgars

Picture on the right – I’m sure by now, you can tell just how much I love denim by looking at this picture. She’s wearing black pumps with blue denim jeggings. I paired that with an animal print top which is my favourite at the moment and over that I put on her denim jacket with fur detail on the collar. She insisted on putting on shades and because they went well with the outfit, I couldn’t say no. She was totally feeling herself that day. LOL. Clothes/Shoes by Woolworths and Mr Price

Picture on the left – The thing with Kbear is once she discovers something, she kinda sticks with it until the next best thing comes along. And so she wants to wear her shades for every single outfit…*sigh*. In this picture, she’s wearing white with floral details walkmates shoes. I paired them with a dark blue denim loose jegging and a light brown long sleeve top. The jeggings have light brown stitching so the top went very well them. And of course the shades. Clothes/Shoes by Woolworths and Ackermans
For once I’m actually very excited about winter. I still feel bad that my Kbear has to wake up at 7h15am to get ready for school but I feel super good when I see her all dressed up and warm. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and you have a little bit of inspiration for your lil ones. Please don’t hesitate to share pictures of your lil ones all dressed up for winter in the comments section below…Till next time